If you don’t expect much


Greg Weston figures cynicism will save Peter MacKay.

One thing the Conservatives do particularly well is read the public mood. And evidently what they are reading is an electorate so disenchanted and disconnected from national politics that dishonesty is considered just business as usual in the nation’s capital. As long as a government believes the public doesn’t care about politicians who lie, don’t expect those who do to be punished.


If you don’t expect much

  1. While the Cotler stuff is probably more seedy, I think the helicopter story probably damages the government more.  Minister using military aircraft as a taxi on the taxpayer’s dime is pretty easy to fit into a soundbite.  And the government’s explanation treats people like they’re stupid.

    • Helicopter graphics make this one a gimme for campaign ads and spoofs. Could even use the song Big Yellow Taxi.

  2. Hubris will get you in the end.

  3. Everyone has known the state of MacKay’s ethics since he tossed out the Orchard agreement and joined Harper.

    • Indeed, he did prove without a doubt that even his signature on a document is complete worthless. 

      • And because he got away with it, he’s continues to behave in this fashion….so we’ll see more of these events.

  4. What’s perplexing about such slimy incidents is that red meat Con supporters, who used to rail about such behaviour from the corrupt and evil Libs, are totally acquiescent. And so this government will continue to abuse its entitlements because its core supporters (the only ones who count in the CPC universe) appear to be OK with it.

    • It’s not perplexing. 

  5. It would, of course, be Machiavellian to suggest that the whole point of all the Harper party shenanigans is to disenchant and disconnect from national politics the majority of Canadians, the ones who would be likely to vote other than Conservative if they decided to take an interest.

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