If you think it’s bad now…


A Conservative senator defends the Senate’s decision to allow senators to continue sending partisan attacks through the mail, just so long as they don’t attack other senators.

David Tkachuk, chair of the committee on internal economy, budgets and administration, said he sees nothing wrong with partisan newsletters but his committee will revisit the issue later this month or next. “My newsletters in the 90s that I used to put out were way more partisan than anything that has been out there,” the Tory senator said Tuesday, after receiving more than 100 e-mails.

In other news, public support for abolishing the Senate has grown over the last four years.


If you think it’s bad now…

  1. Letters, petition, phone calls – none will work with this bunch. I suggest everyone who does not want these propaganda sheets write RETURN TO SENDER on them and pop them in the mailbox. We are paying to have them printed and delivered against our will – I for one am quite happy to pay to fill their mailbox with the rejects.

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