If you want to insult the dignity of the House, you have to get elected first


On Wednesday evening, during a vote on the government’s Canadian Wheat Board legislation, a protestor in one of the visitors’ galleries began shouting his objections. He apparently held a sign that read “lies” and yelled out that “this government does not represent me.” One way or another, the individual was removed from the chamber.

Yesterday after QP, deputy government House leader Tom Lukiwski rose on a point of order to say that this individual’s protest had been facilitated by the NDP’s Niki Ashton and to complain that various opposition MPs had not shown sufficient disapproval when the disruption occurred. This led to a discussion about the extent of Ms. Ashton’s involvement and the justification one might have to protest. And that then segued into a general debate over decorum.

All of which is fairly reminiscent of the scene two years ago and the discussion that followed (see here, here, here, here and here).


If you want to insult the dignity of the House, you have to get elected first

  1. “opposition MPs had not shown sufficient disapproval”

    Wait…what was that again??

     “opposition MPs had not shown sufficient disapproval”

    Say What???

    • Next up – members of opposition parties laughing at things Cons don’t think are funny.

    • Harper wants everybody to drink his koolaid, where his tinfoil hats and wave his pompoms. Apparently you don’t support the troops and believe all pedophiles should be freed from prison if you don’t get with Harpo’s program.

      • Arghhh! I mean “wear.”

    •  “opposition MPs had not shown sufficient disapproval” to the protestor disruption in the House

      • Yes, that’s freaking stupid.

        Normally MPs wait until security does it’s job and removes the protester, and then they get back to business.

        Now they are expected to ‘disapprove’ of the protester

        Moreover there are levels of disapproval apparently….like one would be a silent thumbs down, two would be loud booing, three would be making slashing motions across their throats…….and I gather the opposition failed to show the degree of disapproval the govt wanted.

        Say What???

        • It appeared the method of disapproval chosen on this day by the opposition was to cheer on the protester while he was being removed. Several of them including the member from Malpeque, Wayne Easter, took out their cameras and took pictures of the disruption.

          Is it possible they were not disapproving because they were familiar with the protester?
          Is this the type of strategy the opposition plan to employ to demonstrate that they are a suitable government in waiting?

          The stupidity of dippers knows no bounds.

          • I don’t know if they were doing that or not….but it wouldn’t be the first time an Opposition has done so over the years.

            You don’t have to know a protester to applaud him

          • You’re use of official talking points gives away your insider status.  Try mixing things up a bit.

  2. More (NDP) women in Parliament sure hasn’t improved the decorum in the House at all.
    Oh right, Dippers are frustrated.  So they swear and name call and cheer protest in the House,
     it’s all Harper’s fault.
    Grown up. 
    Every Official Opposition before Dippers where frustrated by the governing party,
    and but didn’t act like Occupiers in response.

    This kind of immaturity from the opps benches is going to cement PMSH in as PM,
    not remove him.
    Do they really think Canadians are going to vote in environmentalist activists and  Occupiers to run this country?

    How many Opp MPs were elected in ridings where the CWB is important to their constituents……. zip, none,
     which is why the Opps go balistic on issues concerning Alberta and Saskatchewan, they have nothing to lose.

    This is why Libs are in the toilet already and Dippers are losing ground,
    THEIR own riding constituents see their MPs doing battle in Western Canada,
    nothing in it for them.

    carry on

    • The Opposition’s job is to oppose.

      That doesn’t mean saying ‘please sir, I respectfully disagree’ and then sitting down silently and shutting up and letting the govt do as it pleases.

      No Opposition in our history has ever done that….including Harper’s crowd.

      • ‘The Opposition’s job is to oppose’
        first and foremost, the opposition’s job is to present itself as a government in waiting to replace the party in power.

        Dippers are presenting themselves as Occupiers, not a government in waiting.
        But if Dipper’s can’t see that the CPC MPs are goading them into looking like special interest protestors on parliaments lawn, too bad for them.

        Dippers look like a one trick pony….. anti-west activists.
        That is EXACTLY where the Harper govt wants them, as job killers across Canada,

        Perhaps all you LibDipper supporters should educate yourself on how many jobs the oil and gas industry creates outside of our province,
        and that doesn’t even take into account the billions in tax revenue enjoyed by every province associated to our oil and gas industry,
        nor people from other provinces working here and sending money home.

        Or just ignore it and let the boys wearing the long pants run the country for the next couple of decades until you all grow up.

        • And that’s part of how they do it…by opposing the govt

          The NDP is elected….check the number of Dippers from BC….they are not ‘occupiers.’

          And the NDP is pro-jobs….something Harper is losing.

          Perhaps you could educate yourself about refineries within Canada that would create jobs here, not in the US

          I’m sorry, but oil isn’t all Canada runs on

          I know you’re proud of wearing pants….but I do as well so that won’t help you.

          • The NDP sure isn’t “pro jobs” in the oil & gas or mining industry.

          • The NDP is pro-jobs everywhere…workers, remember?

        • Get over yourselves.  It’s a big world, you are not the only game. 

  3. Gallery is no place for nutbars.  Sounds like they need to do more screening – sad as these nutbars will force heavier security – thanks NDP.
    Be more creative, protest but stay out of the gallery.
    “With growing media attention on Thompson’s lengthy absences from the red chamber, the Reform Party made Thompson’s absence a cause celebre, repeatedly pointing to the fact that he was living in Mexico. Reform Members of Parliament hired a Mariachi band and served burritos in the lobby of the Senate to draw attention to the issue. Thompson was held up as an example of why the Senate needed to be reformed.”

    • Be careful what you ask for…

    • So people who dissent against the government must have immature gimmicks to convey their message?

      Perhaps this protester should have dressed up as a shaft of wheat, being towed by a miniature harvester over the parliaments lawn, with a sign saying “Wheat don’t like this legislation”

      Then people would take him seriously and he would get his message out.

      • Considering the stunts that Cons have pulled over the years, I wouldn’t critique this too closely. LOL

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