Iggy v. Iggy


The Ignatieff Era could be very, very good for Gavin Crawford’s career.

Equally hypnotic, disorienting and disconcerting video after the jump.


Iggy v. Iggy

  1. When Michael comes in, priceless. I was literally laughing out loud.

  2. I know who I’d vote for.

    • Me too – the real one. Gavin Crawford is a great impersonator, but too much of an angry liberal type for me (they had him do a “rant” on a few segments but he just comes off as mean – at least Rick Mercer’s rants are funny and pointed – even if you don’t agree with them).

      • I’m shocked. Just shocked.

        • I’m sorry. Gavin Crawford is not a leader. He’s just not up to the job.

  3. I couldn’t watch that one because of the evil CBC, but this one is hilarious:

    I have yet to see a really good Stephen Harper. Lauzon (on the Air Farce) looked a lot like Harper, but didn’t really do much of a Harper voice (fair enough – Harper has few distinctive tics in his speech). Maybe the best way to imitate Harper is to imitate him speaking French. Here is Laflaque’s version (I think it is funny that they give him a square head):

    • Maybe the best way to imitate Harper is to imitate him speaking French…

      …and be a cartoon. Yup.

    • hosertohoosier you’re link isn’t working out here in Burnaby. Which American network should I decry as evil?

  4. Here’s another classic Crawford as Iggy clip:

    “And finally, yes, whatever province you live in is the best province, and all your problems are caused by some other province that’s not yours. Point taken.

    • Hilarius! He is really good. Crawford has got that grin spot on!

  5. This is brilliant. And Iggy comes across as totally cool. Bravo all round.

  6. gawd, he likes chocolate ice cream?

    my way-cool meter just went off the chain for Ignatieff. he can’t be all that bad.

    he likes chocolate, therefore he is cool.

  7. Having a career marketer as your wife is obviously not hurting Iggy’s chances of getting the people to know him. I don’t know how Harper would have played the same scenario, let alone set it up and gone for it.

    • Agreed. Laureen is no slouch in this department either. She quite often sends photos of her kids to Jane Taber.

    • The Rick Mercer bit with Harper was funny, but for Harper to be funny (at least intentionally so) he would need to be self-deprecating and less tightly wound.

      They are so concerned about his image though (record spending on polling, high end personal stylist/psychic, the infamous sweater vest – it’s all about image), that I would not expect to see anything like this.

      • Don’t know if you caught Mercer on Strombo; but what was funny was his account of the takes he did with H on his show. The scene involved H making a sarny for M in the kitchen – very nice folksy image, lots of people lapped it up. In reality it took a number of takes, ending with an aide showing H how to hold the bread in order to make a sandwich. Unbelieveable in this day and age really!
        SH – clueless!!

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