Iggy v. The Carbon Tax v. Russ Hiebert


The Conservative backbencher asks a question during QP this morning.

“Mr. Speaker, our government has always maintained that the last thing our economy needs is a job-killing carbon tax. Unfortunately, the Liberal Party continues to consider this irresponsible idea. The Liberal leader campaigned on it during his leadership race and vigorously defended it as a priority of a Liberal government just last fall. Can the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry please tell the House how the Liberal leader’s flawed policy ideas risk damaging Canadian industry?”


Iggy v. The Carbon Tax v. Russ Hiebert

  1. I take it the Speaker must have ruled this question out of order on the grounds that it has nothing to do with the administrative responsibility of the government. He was quick to do so earlier this week in relation to opposition questions outside the government’s responsibility.

  2. This posting should be titled: “Iggy v. The Carbon Tax v. PMO”

    Backbenchers like Russ Hiebert clearly aren’t allowed to open their mouths without the ok of Harper’s henchmen in the PMO.

  3. Seems like a reasonable question to me. It is astonishing how many Liberals later admitted that the Green Shift plan was an unholy mess, even though they lacked the courage to speak out about it while Dion was leader.

    • So I wonder how many in the Conservative caucus have the courage to speak out without Mr. Harper’s permission. Zero, I’ll wager. Watch the hypocrisy just ooze out of that lot after the party loses the next election and Harper resigns.

      • That’s a good point. I suppose minority governments are breeding grounds for Government and Opposition hypocrisy, because everyone is in permanent election mode and the leaders don’t feel secure enough to tolerate public dissent from their own caucus.

        Still, I think that Harper still has the confidence of a strong majority of his MPs despite his recent travails.
        The same could not be said for Dion during the campaign when he was fumbling with his ill-fated Green Shift. Both parties are full of hypocrites, but I suspect there is a difference in the degree of hypocrisy.

  4. Conservative’s writing the Liberal party platform now?

  5. I had an opportunity to meet Hiebert during the 2006 election. From what I can remember he’s really nice, fiercely conservative and is considered by some (including Lawrence Martin at the Globe) to be an up-and-coming Reform/CA-minded Tory from a safe White Rock seat. His biggest liability in the Conservative Party is his BC seat; were he from Quebec he’d have a junior cabinet position by now.

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