Ignatieff in Victoria


The recording of Michael Ignatieff’s every public moment continues. Video from his Victoria town hall after the jump. More here.


Ignatieff in Victoria

  1. BAD answer on that final question, the one on electoral reform.

    “I don’t want to turn this country into Little Italy” would be referencing a popular straw man argument used by the No side against proportional representation. Which suggests that His Igginess prefers the status quo – surprise! – and is against PR.

    The man’s arrogance was clearly showing, too, when he said “I need to be convinced” that it’s a good idea.

    Well, it isn’t His Nibs who needs to be convinced. It’s the citizens of this country. Reforming our voting system isn’t up to him, his party, or any party. It’s up to the people.

    • Wrong, CO.

      It IS up to him and his party whether or not the Liberal Party of Canada should (a) adopt this particular electoral reform plank within its policy, (b) sell it to Canadians, (c) run with it in an election campaign, (d) live up to it if the LPC forms a government.

      That isn’t arrogance, my friend. That’s doing his job. You want Iggy to jump through hoops (a) through (d)? You need to convince him. You can insult him, or you could try to convince him. Your choice.

      • I wonder if it’s a vote-winner yet? Fearless prediction: it will be, two minorities hence.

        • Two minorities or one coalition…

    • @CO what with the lowest voter turnout in the history of this Confederation (58.8%) the ppl have to get their confidence that this parliamentary democracy thing is worth it. PR has its drawbacks too;

      i prefer ranked balloting myself.

      but there are more fundamental issues which must be addressed:
      *like govt’s should not be allowed to break their own election laws without legal/punitive/financial fines to themselves and their party, or
      *Elections Canada’s poor/ineffective/confusing handling of public education regarding new rules for voter ID disenfranchised a lot of ppl (enough to help reduce voter turnout significantly amongst ppl up North, e.g., rural areas where you don’t walk around with ID like you would in the city).
      those new rules were conveniently exploited just in time for the snap election:
      *during the election ppl commented online that they were turned away even though, according to a new rule, the ppl manning the polls could have easily vouchsafed for them (very anti-democratically lame).
      *polling stations were moved to less accessible locations (away from public transport routes, or requiring extensive use of public transportation, e.g.),
      *certain items related to voter registration from Elections Canada were not being delivered properly or promptly by postal workers until Canada Post received threats of complaints to Elections Canada.


    • His answer on electoral reform is predictable (and self serving). Iggy has reason to believe that the Liberals will continue to get phony majority governments (more than half the seats with less than half the votes) courtesy of the current system.

      I haven’t yet seen a party endorse a system that might deliver it fewer seats. And I don’t expect to anytime soon.

    • Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland. They all have proportional representation and they are doing fine Iggy. You’re just hoping the Liberal party will have another phony majority.

  2. Kudos to Mr Ignatieff. I’m still not a convinced Iggy promoter, but i like what i saw and heard here. Not too much quibbling, smugness or evasiveness, and some humour and a committment on environmental policy. Keep up the town hall meetings Iggy it looks good on you.

    • i am not an Ignatieff promoter either but i like what i see; and based on the contrast between Chretien/Martin’s responsible handling of our finances to the current deficit-riddled embarrassment with which we are inflicted, Ignatieff’s Liberal party is invaluable to this country; we, the wielder, own the political tools, the means by which we run this country; when they provide the service for us they are rewarded richly for their sacrifice, because public service is a sacrifice–they are ministers after all.

      as long as Ignatieff/Liberals, NDP, Bloc, Green, remember that i will have no argument with them or their parties. the current govt on the other hand has proven itself incapable, irresponsible…recklessly indifferent to us.

  3. Sicko!

  4. Could the playing of these Iggy videos be contrary to any electioneering laws? Will this site give equal time to all other national party leaders?

    • Hmmm, coulda swore a saw rather a lot of Mr Harper lately.

      • the national conservs have been non-stop campaigning since opposition status: “all H-conserv, all the time” ad nauseum.

    • Please let me know when Harper’s town hall is because I’d like to ask him some questions.

      • Or hit him with a pie in the face. If anyone deserves a pie in the face, Harper does. My hunch is, though, that he would take it badly.

  5. I don’t get the childcare thing, that is the most unfeasible thing I’ve heard of.

    • Agreed, but I imagine CPP, EI, universal health care, and public schooling were all considered “the most unfeasible thing I’ve heard of” by many people at their respective time.

  6. Pretty straight forward — which must bug all these CON supporters to heck. They haven’t been able to trace a simple Harper declaration to a conclusive point since Halloween ’06, and now he’s dissiminating his sermons from New York’s Fox studios. Nice to see some leaders trusting Canadians enough to engage and listen.

    • Harper’s afraid of Canadians, methinks. Can you imagine him in a open mic townhall type setting?

  7. actually c, his propensity for being “human” is gonna get him elected as PM. nothing funny about providing for our future whether you got em or not; who do you think takes care of you when you need them in old age?

  8. “It takes a village to raise a child.” — African Proverb

    I take it you were denied child care as you developed. Might have improved your demeanor.

  9. 1993, 1997, 2000, 2004. That’s 4 in a row, including years of getting us out of the last deficit and structuring the plan… and then 10 provinces signed up to provide a joint federal-provincial daycare plan.

    Where do you get “9 consecutive elections”? Where do you get “not delivering”?

    Do you call the daycare spaces Harper promised to create “unionized federally regulated child care”?

  10. I imagine CPP, EI, universal health care, and public schooling were all considered “the most unfeasible thing I’ve heard of” by many people at their respective time.

    Indeed. And look where we are now. CPP is a doomed pyramid scheme, EI is a lame vote-buying scam which rips off most workers, universal health care is going to bankrupt every province in the next 30 years except the ones with oil wells, and public schools (I know, my kids attend them) are an expensive joke.

    By all means, let’s implement universal child care. The infeasibility of all the other rackets requires that the numbing of taxpayers’ logical faculties be commenced at an even earlier age.

    • oompus, you’re completely wrong about CPP. It was saved back in the 90s when the Liberals pushed the rates way up. It is now one of the few national pension plans in the world that is widely considered actuarially sound.

      EI has been raided to make the budgets look balanced and both the Liberals and the Conservatives are guilty.

      The problem with universal health care is the health care part, not the universal bit. We have a sickness system that is run by and for the people who profit from it. We need a wellness system that helps to prevent people from becoming sick.

      Public schooling isn’t perfect but I think you need to defend your statement that “it’s a joke'”

  11. From a Victorian’s perception Harper is a lot more fun at his speeches he gives here which are actually quite more than usual from a PM. If Iggy wants to get his numbers up out here he will have to work a lot harder than what he has been and that you can take to the bank (canadian one of course) – the only worse opposition leader’s speech I have seen was Dions’ out this way last summer as it was painful rather thasn Iggy’s which was just boring really. He needs to get some juice happening and headlines made. I think what he needs is to get a comedian to write him some new stuff and more zingers.

    • Going from “painful” to “boring” is rather a big jump, gotta give them credit for that…

    • He gives speeches Wayne not town hall meetings, where he might have to answer an unscripted question.

  12. God he’s a bad public speaker….

  13. Liberals will soon tire of Iggy making absolutely no headway even with the supposed help of those Lieberal push polls. The internal polling tells a much different story and it is only a matter of time before Professor Puffin is thrown under the bus just like his predecessor Dion.

    • I smell consevative fear.

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