‘I’m from Hamilton, if you attack me, you’re going to get attacked back’


With the public accounts committee’s F-35 study seemingly about to be halted, Liberal committee member Gerry Byrne and committee chair David Christopherson seem to be at odds. On Tuesday, Mr. Byrne used Question Period to query Mr. Christopherson (it’s a little known fact that committee chairs can be asked questions during QP). Mr. Christopherson seemed not to appreciate the gesture and is now lamenting for Mr. Byrne’s behaviour.

“Mr. Byrne has chosen that because he can’t get the rulings he wants, that he is going to hold whatever tantrums are necessary to convince the world that he’s right and the rest of the world is wrong,” Mr. Christopherson told reporters after the in-camera meeting. “And on this matter, in my opinion, Mr. Byrne has been a dishonourable crybaby and because he doesn’t have enough talent to come up with procedures that will let him win, he starts to argue the rules are unfair,” Mr. Christopherson said.


‘I’m from Hamilton, if you attack me, you’re going to get attacked back’

  1. Absolutely nothing prevented this from being handled properly from the beginning. There was NOT A THING wrong with saying “we haven’t committed to anything yet, nothing’s been signed, there’s still plenty of time to come to a decent decision, we like the F-35 but we’re open to other ideas”. Instead, they lied that they had fixed costs when they didn’t, and accused anyone who not only disagreed but merely pointed out when they were wrong were unCanadian and lying.

    That’s no way to run any enterprise.

  2. Christopherson should be relieved that he’s only facing a ‘crybaby’ who asks rather tame questions. According to MP Godin, Canadians are homicidal maniacs just about ready to chop each other up and start mailing body parts to one another.

    “”It’s very upsetting,” said New Democrat MP Yvon Godin. “It could be just one crazy person that did it but at the same time we have lots of people unhappy in our country, the way the country is going,” he said.

    • Very poor taste, to use that tragedy as an opening to denigrate the government.

  3. What? We have to “come up with procedures” to win? We have to manipulate things to win? Perhaps I’m naive, but I thought evidence and sound argument was good enough.

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