Imagine all the people... voting NDP -

Imagine all the people… voting NDP


The latest spot from the New Democrats.


Imagine all the people… voting NDP

  1. "Jack" up the Corporate tax rate to 19.5% — shocking provinces who have adjusted their tax bases already.
    Claim billions in revenue from a non-existent emissions cap-and-trade system.
    Force banks to cap consumer credit card interest rates — shutting out consumers who don't have AAA credit and rewarding the biggest spenders with lower payments (and likely starting a cycle of lawsuits by banks).
    Take the tax off of home heating oil because you love poor seniors — and hate the environment.

    He is the Walrus.

    • I find it hard to beleive that poor senior citizens keeping themselves warm is a significant threat to the environment.

      • ..Taking the tax off for everyone might not be the best way to warm seniors and protect the environment though?

    • But who is the Egg Man?

    • Does anyone understand how the provinces are supposed to suffer from the federal government increasing its corporate tax rate? Do they all need to scramble to lower their rates or something?

      How is encouraging prudent lending by banks a bad thing? Credit cards are not a good way to borrow money, and they aren't priced according to your credit history.

      • Corporations base themselves in the provinces and pay property and other taxes. They also create jobs; employing people who pay property and other taxes. The argument is that if the federal government raises corporate income tax rates, corporations will pack up and leave the provinces, thereby lowering provincial tax bases, costing the government more and leading to higher individual taxation.

        • Why would you expect capital flight when the rate goes up to 19.5% rather than staying at 18%? Have you seen an OECD table showing corporate tax rates for its member countries? We're not going to be wildly out of line with our competitors if we make that change.

    • "…and hate the environment. "

      Speaking of which, I think Iggy tipped his hand when he spoke of the NDP's plan to address climate change – apparently "serious" politicians pretend that the tar sands will remain totally unconstrained in their production of fossil fuels while at the same time magically reducing co2 emissions.

  2. Well now that you've terrified everybody here…..LOL

  3. I think that is a pretty good ad. Lorne Gunter put it right when he said that the NDP is the only party offering a positive vision. This is a very positive ad, capturing both the momentum of the NDP and the perception of Layton ("You know i'm a fighter!).

    Good marks to the NDP for this effort.

    • This is a very good ad. I may sell my house BEFORE the election.

    • A very positive ad… Reminds me of a different ("Lefty" Leader) from the neighbours to the South.

      With Love and Gratitude,


  4. Sorry- Sidney Crosby's goal- Jack Layton at bar- can't get it out of my head.

    • Well, if that's your reason for dismissing this ad…

      • I think that's his reason for dismissing Jack. I must admit, I too can't shake that image of him pulling down the woman's arm next to him when celebrating the goal so he could get his mug in the shot…

        • Does anyone remember when Jack Layton and Olivia Chow lived together in subsidized housing in Toronto, while feeding at the public trough as Toronto aldermen?

          • Yes, I clearly remember them living in co-op housing and paying market rent for their unit.

          • Atchison, Layton paid market value for their unit. That's how co-ops function, ya goof!! They also moved out and bought a house in Toronto's Chinatown, thereby leaving the proles behind and joining the ranks of the bourgoise.

  5. I don`t think Layton`s numbers will improve all that much in ROC but I`m not sure what is going on in Quebec, but if I was to guess what the New Layton supporter in Quebec is thinking, I would tend to think they are pondering the idea of parking their vote with the NDP for strictly strategic reasons.

    The Bloc voter in Quebec knows he-she will never get any power with the Bloc even in a coalition-arrangement-derangement. So they are thinking of pushing the Dippers up with the Libs and hope that a 2-way coalition would be acceptable.

    Nah—that`s way too crazy—-Jack Layton in Quebec—never happen.

    • No. I think it is deeper and more straightforward than that. Firstly, no one but the Conservatives are really seriously talking about a coalition. It's just fantasy and most of us live in the real world.

      More importantly, traditional Bloc supporters voted BQ because (a) they were separatist, (b) they think the BQ is going to do the best job at getting them the goodies/special treatment, or (c) they detest the Conservatives and the Liberals as much as Alberta detests the Liberals. So now (a) there are ever fewer separatist voters, (b) Duceppe has shown he can't get the job done, and (c) they are liking Layton more while detesting the Conservatives more, making the NDP the alternative non-Liberal/non-Conservative vote instead of the Bloc.

      I think across the country you are seeing much the same thing with the Green parked/protest vote and the non-voter (disgusted with the 2 traditional parties) considering the NDP as a place to park/protest with their vote.

      We'll see what happens on election day. That kind of parked/protest vote usually loses luster in going from the poll to the ballot box.

      • OK tedbetts, I`ll take your word for it—-coalition is dead.

        And I suspect you are right in your prediction that the parked poll intention does not always make it to the ballot box.

        But I see JPH down below from Quebec believes that some Quebecois believe that the way to influence power in Ottawa at this time may be through the NDP, which makes no sense traditionally but is strategic at this time.
        I am cynical about the voting habits of Quebecers and NO, I don`t want to roll over Tue. morning and see Jack any where near the PMO.

    • I am from Quebec and yes chances are that it might just happend .

  6. Good ad. I'm very opposed to the NDP policies and philosophy but that's an attractive ad. To me, comparing with the other ads, it looks like their policies are created solely for the ads and campaign, while this one looks like the NDP is trying to solve problems for real people.

  7. I could live with a Prime Minister Jack! Layton if it meant the destruction of the Bloc.

    There. I said it. I feel better now.

    • I could live with it if it meant the destruction of the Liberals. Or at the very least Ignatieff's abject humiliation.

      • Prime Minister Jack Layton won't only be Ignatieff's humiliation. One would think that Harper, the grand strategist, would be torn apart by his party.

        • Sure, but in a scenario where the Conservatives lose anyway, I'd rather get the running-the-economy-into-the-ground part going fast and furious, the better to frame the next election's ballot question. And kneecapping the Liberals would just be an entertaining bonus.

          • Yeah… okay. All Conservatives are now master strategists, already framing the next elections ballot question. Good lord.

          • It seems team 2012 is alive and well.

      • Because that is what is important for Canada, after all.

    • I couldn't.

      But then, I'm not as strong a federalist as I should be. To my thinking, Quebec can leave if that's what it truly wants to do. The government should exist to serve its citizens after all.

  8. Fiscally conservative Liberal-leaners are going to swing Conservative now that their first choice is dead.

    • I'm not so sure. Harper claims to be fiscally conservative but there isn't much evidence to support that claim. It's not credible to blame everything on a minority situation.

      The Harper conservatives have imprudently increased spending in an attempt to get a majority. I don't regard them as fiscally conservative at all. Their promise to to reduce spending is about as empty as their promise to get rid of the gun registry. They've had five years and just didn't bother to do it.

      If they actually were fiscally prudent I would consider voting for them.

      • About as empty as their promise to get rid of the gun registry?

        Yeah but, they couldn't get rid of the gun registry precisely because they were in a minority! It's not credible to pretend otherwise.

        The Cons track record may not line up very closely with Plato's form of fiscal conservatism, but there is no question that given the options, the Cons are the most fiscally conservative, and some would say given a majority, that will only be amped up.

        So, given that you won't consider voting for them because they are not fiscally prudent, do you mind sharing how it is that you came to settle on who you will vote for? Or are you one of those "there are no good options" people?

        • That's just patently untrue. With no basis in reality.

          The Harper Conservatives:
          – came to power on the promise of increasing spending to the provinces and ending the phantom "fiscal imbalance"
          – opposed bank regulations and wanted to deregulate much that made Canadian banks the envy of the world in the last three years
          – introduced the type of subprime mortgage regime that created the economic tsunami, with 40 year no money down mortgages backed by the government
          – have increased spending in every single budget, including by double digits % before the recession
          – turned a Liberal surplus into a Conservative deficit even before the election

          • […cont]
            – have abused the use of, and tried to stop the cutting of, 10percenters to the cost of millions of extra wasted dollars
            – opposed the disclosure of MP's expenses
            – increased the budget on polling to record levels
            – increased the budget of the PMO by over 30% and the Ministry of Finance by about the same
            – oversaw the largest pork barrel scheme, by far, in our entire history according to the AG
            – enormous waste and pork barrellign under the stimulus including half a million $ for such important national projects as a private girls school soccer field
            – increased transfer payments (no need for Parliamentary approval for that decision)
            – cut the GST creating a huge fiscal hole but no benefit to Canadians (as Flaherty admitted)

            The list goes on and on and on and on.

            The Liberals may not ultimately be fiscally responsible on the whole, but at least they can boast a record of showing some ability to be fiscally responsible.

            There is not one single example of a fiscally responsible cell in Harper's whole body, outside of his mouth.

          • Spending rose faster in the final Martin years than in the pre-recession Harper years.

            If Martin had remained in power spending would have increased even more due to his multi-billion dollar spending promises made on the back of a napkin just before the '06 election.

            Ignatieff's platform also promises billions more in spending.

            Ted Betts you're being ridiculous. Here's your argument:

            Tories spent too much!! So lets elect a party that will spend more !!!

            Disgusted Cats

          • Where have you been Cats?

            It was so (semi, somewhat) respectful around here while you were gone.

          • Ignatieff's platform promises billions more in spending, but balances it out with billions more in revenue from defined sources. Hard choices made.

            The CPC budget promises billions more in spending, but balances it out with prayer that everything works absolutely perfectly in their favour. Choices? Who needs to make those.. of course we can have the cake and eat it too.

          • Ted / Thwim — your arguments, whatever their merits, make no difference because they require a Liberal-led government as an alternative. My point was that the fiscally conservative Liberal-leaners will now move Conservative b/c the Libs are dead — in other words, all arguments by Liberals will not even be listened to b/c Libs are powerless to implement them. The Ont suburban vote will swing to prevent an NDP-led gov't. That might be sad news to you, but it will happen. If the Libs had been able to get to a strong enough point — let's say with a Laytonesque swing their way in Qc, things may have tipped their way but that's in the past and it's now too late.

          • I don't think so.. I think far more likely is they'll just stay home because they've got absolutely nobody to represent them.

          • Yes, agreed — many will. But enough will be scared enough of an NDP gov't. Anyway, same result.

          • Nah, remember, this current government got where it is with Liberal votes at historic lows, and Dion was far more leftward than his predecessors. So the problem with your theory is that you're assuming fiscally conservative Liberals voted for the Liberals last time.

            If you don't believe that (and I don't) then they're only losing what they didn't have to begin with.

        • There are no good fiscal conservative options.

          I plan to vote for someone I can trust to make knowledge and evidence based decisions in the hope that such a process would lead them to make fiscally prudent decisions.

          I have no confidence that Harper makes knowledge and evidence based decisions and he is the only decision maker in the party.

          • I have no confidence that Harper makes knowledge and evidence based decisions and he is the only decision maker in the party.

            I seriously defy anyone to come up with a viable challenge to that statement. It really comes down to that, as near as I can tell.

  9. I'll settle for a leader who can count and doesn't lie.

    • That's an even bigger fantasy than Harper's coalition.

    • Best of luck finding the complete package. You might need to enlarge your search area

  10. True, many of the Liberals' best policies were also created by the NDP to solve problems for real people.

  11. Imagine all the people… voting NDP and finding out that Prime Minister Harper has majority.

    new democraticSPACE projections.

    CPC 161 Libs 57 NDP 53 Bloc 36

    • Actually many NDP supporters are probably OK with this since it means that a realignment of the "progressives" will actually happen. If they are looking long term, it is better for the NDP to gain ground but not assume power this time. Think Harper in 2004.

  12. You may say that they are dreamers,
    but Quebec's not the only one,
    I hope someday Ontario will join us,
    And Canada will be Dipper.

  13. Me as well. Though one can and should dream. So I'll hold that EKOS seat projection close to my leftard heart.

  14. The Big Con.

    Subtitle: How I Learned to Live with the NDP's Higher Taxes, and Love It!

    A quickie primer on Jack's (or Iggy's) promises and costs. Fast read, depressing conclusion. Some macabre humour in between:

  15. None of us will.

  16. For a commercial for the party of the hard working common man and woman, the party of the layed-off worker and hard-done-by farmer, there sure are a lot of remodelled kitchen and sandblasted red brick exteriors in gentrifying neighbourhoods – not to mention the funky architectural office – featured.

    I mean you have to be making at least 100K and be living in downtown T.O. to afford those things.

    • Also, perhaps someone with some technical expertise can help me but has Jack been "photoshopped" into these scenes wearing a sharp suit with red tie and crisp white shirt?

      He seems to stand out quite a bit from the crowds in the background and I wonder if he is just acting to scenes shot previously where he was saying something else.

      I certainly don't want to get all conspiratorial or anything so if anyone could please let us know for sure if those shots were filmed as we see them at an actual Dipper rally with Jack looking like a Bay St. lawyer, that would be great.

      • It was shot sunday April 10 at a rally in Toronto on a Red Cam with Nikon lens – not "photoshopped". The event was shown live on the CBC.

        • If that is the case then thanks a lot for the information.

    • It was shot in Parkdale – probably one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto.

      • If you know anything about Parkdale then you know that certain parts of it are definitely "up and coming." There are crack addicts and homeless people on the corner down the street from $800K houses.

        So it very well could have been shot in Parkdale but the people that are personified in the ad are not the ones that make Parkdale "one of the poorest in Toronto."

  17. Jack Layton as leader of the official oppostion … hmmmmm .. I like the sound of that .. I can see it all now Harper and Layton duking it out in the House and the once mighty natural governing parrty reduced to a pale imitation of itself. Then we all get a treat as we get to watch Bobby R. hand Iggy's jacket back to him and help some of the other ol boys throw him under the bus faster than they did Dion – hahahahahaha! .. what a hoot us Tories are having a heck of a time and cheering Layton on as we can't wait for a decent fight in the House as it only made Harper look like a bully having to hold Iggy up in between rounds . HARPER YOUR TIME IS UP – hahahahahah! sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh without spilling your double double

  18. Stephen Harper lies a lot and cannot count. Canadians feel confident in him.
    Jack Layton doesn't lie a lot but cannot count. Canadians feel warm and fuzzy towards him.
    Gilles Duceppe doesn't lie a lot and only has to count for one Province. Canadians like him but hate that he's a seperatist.
    Michael Ignatieff doesn't lie and appears able to count. Canadians don't want to hear it from him.

    • Sad but true.

    • "Michael Ignatieff doesn't lie and *is* a Count" would have been a better punchline.

      • Damn, you beat me to it! (I made a similar reply in another thread.)

    • I too am an amateur. This is my first-ever online response, but in that I saw the irony of your comment re our political choices, I simply HAD to write what I'm thinking. I am close to weeping about our inability as Canadians to recognize an opportunity that we have been gifted with — an opportunity for civility and expertise in Parliament here in Canada, and for civility and expertise in Parliamentary decisions we make abroad.
      Pray God that your last statement proves untrue — "Canadians don't want to hear it from him."

  19. The average is a trifle misleading. Canada's corporate tax rate is much lower than Japan's, America's, Germany's and France's – many of whom have much more serious deficit challenges than we face. It's true Ireland and some small Eastern European countries have lower rates, but are they really our competitors? We have lots of space for a small increase in corporate taxes.

  20. Unfortunately, the NDP record where it has held power in the provinces. Even the fabled Tommy Douglas had a failure record in way back when he set up dubious companies without a business plan e.g a shoe factory that was an abject failure in business terms but not socialist terms which don't have to obey economic laws. In BC it was the fast ferry fiasco – another venture without a business plan or a engineering plan and ferry design to suit the routes to be served.

    The basic problem is that socialist governments, and the NDP is surely a socialist party, simply do not understand how wealth is created, only how to blow it. They think that taxing the corporations and rich is a permanent source of the golden egg, but end up killing the goose.

    If you break out the champagne because the NDP is up in the polls, then get ready for the hangover as they kill investment and industry as a result of poorly thought-out social programs.

    I remember way back when Uncle Louis St. Laurent said (paraphrase) we will have more social programs when we can afford them. The early Liberals delivered on those promises but it all went to Hell when Trudeau, the pseudo-intellectual poseur, disregarded that good advice.

  21. Most partisan Dippers want to get rid of Harper first and foremost. He is ruining Canada, and we know it. If the NDP becomes the alternative to the Harper Empire, so much the better.