In memoriam -

In memoriam


Peter Aucoin, the celebrated political science professor and scholar, passed away yesterday at the age of 67.

His last book—Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government—was released this Spring. (One of his co-authors, Mark Jarvis, penned a guest post for us a few months ago that outlined some of that book’s ideas for parliamentary reform.)

A few of Peter’s essays, published in the Canadian Parliamentary Review, are collected here. A longer version of his piece on government accountability can be found here.


In memoriam

  1. That is so terribly sad.  What a loss for all of us.  We need him now more than ever.

  2. An inspirational man, and a main reason I stuck with the MPA at Dalhousie – reading his work, hearing him speak and seeing the impact he had on those students lucky enough to be taught by him. My heart goes out to his family, certainly too young to lose such and amazing man with much more to give to his academic family and his own.

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  3. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Aucoin, and I just started reading some of his works a few months ago, but everything I’ve read and heard about him points to the fact that he was not only one of Canada’s best political scientists, but also a truly wonderful human being.  He will be missed.

  4. He taught one of my intro policy classes a few years ago. He was really something – incredible in the classroom, and very understanding outside of it, too. And I’m sure I’m not the only person, student or otherwise, whose life was positively impacted by him. A real loss for the country.

  5. I was very fortunate to take a class with Peter Aucoin while I was studying at Dalhousie.  He was a brilliant man and he will be missed.

  6. I mourn the loss of a good constitutional scholar.