In other news, dog bites man -

In other news, dog bites man


Canada Post struggles to innovate

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In other news, dog bites man

  1. Exacerbating the pinch on revenues is that the carrier must deliver to more and more places — some 200,000 new homes are built every year, and with each comes a new address that needs mail delivery.

    OMG, the horror. New customers!

  2. The union representing postal workers also sees the writing on the wall. Denis Lemelin, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, agrees Canada Post needs to diversify — and not just into financial services. He suggests offering hunting licences and passport processing, especially in remote and rural areas.

    I am shocked, shocked, to learn that unionized employees of a gargantuan public utility are dreaming up means of rent-seeking in order to justify their collective current existence.

  3. My eyes caught the headline briefly on the CBC's page, and it occurred to me that it was the least newsworthy thing I had seen on a news site in quite a long time — and my girlfriend occasionally subjects me to, so that was a true accomplishment.

  4. Simple solution: remove the monopoly. Innovate or die. Done! Next?

  5. Canada Post is simply a marketing vehicle. They deliver flyers, and thats about it. As someone who works with Canada Post daily, it's an organization that is broken from the top down. They sell a shabby service for more than their competitors, nuff said.