In other news: election fraud, voter suppression and illegal robocalls -

In other news: election fraud, voter suppression and illegal robocalls

This month just keeps getting better


In the wake of a Federal Court ruling last week that fraud took place during the last election—though not enough to overturn any results—the chief electoral officer told a House committee yesterday that he hasn’t been shown the electoral reform legislation that the government is promising to table this week and that Conservative party workers aren’t cooperating with an investigation into fraudulent calls made during the 2011 campaign.

And this morning the CRTC has announced $369,000 in fines for robocalls used by the Conservatives, New Democrats, Liberal MP Marc Garneau and Conservative MP Blake Richards, among others.

The fine issued to the NDP seems to cover the calls made in Lise St-Denis’ riding after she defected to the Liberals. The fine to the Conservatives applies to calls made about proposed new riding boundaries in Saskatchewan.


In other news: election fraud, voter suppression and illegal robocalls

  1. Not to mention the OECD just downgraded us, our science is being squashed even though we have Chris Hadfield and Rob Ford is making Toronto famous……boy this country is in great shape isn’t it?

    Harp better come up with that EU trade deal soon or he won’t even be a footnote in the history books.

    • What with his cuts to LAC and changes to Museum of Civilization, he is already trying to stop historians from writing history books in the first place!

      • Maybe he thinks he’s gonna write them himself…..!

        • As soon as he finishes that hockey book.

          • Oh right…..forgot about that!

    • Oh.. I expect Harper will be more than a foot-note. After all, Nixon certainly is.

      • Heh I was thinking of a page just labelled ‘Interregnum’ and then the book moves on to the next chapter. Or maybe a black page labelled ‘Dark Age’.

    • When Duffy goes out campaigning and goes out fundraising (giving speeches) for the CPC, it is considered a fraud.

      When Justin Trudeau goes out campaigning and goes out fundraising (giving
      speeches) for his own private use, while serving as a paid MP, such practice is considered ‘attending to one’s business outside of the House’!

      • Cons should never have hired Francien, a romance novel writer from Edmonton, to post about politics on here. Waste of money.

        She not only doesn’t understand anything about politics, she’s always on about Justin. Sounds like she’s always visualizing just him…..maybe in an open shirt and tight jeans? LOL

        • You actually try to spin the story that I am a paid commenter. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth!

          I comment here out of my own free will because I cannot believe how one sided Canadian politics are being covered!

          Canadians should be ashamed of themselves for falling for the one-sidedness of Canadian political coverage!

          • “Nothing, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth!”

            Wrong; PMSH is often much much farther away from the truth.

          • Keep spinning your lies! I don’t have to spin anything. I am not lying!

          • You might want to start going easy on the Red Bull.

          • Well I did say you were bad at it, but then Cons spend a lot of money on a lot of things they shouldn’t.

            First post in some time where you weren’t panting over Justin though, so I’m grateful for that. The drool was getting a little much.

          • Here’s something else. See if you like it any better when considering federal politicians:

            “Lagace then asked Trudeau if he thought Canada was “better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans?” Trudeau replied: “I’m a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. Certainly whenwe look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from Quebec… This country- Canada – it belongs to us.”

          • That Amazon link made my eyes bleed. And my heart soar! I blame you.

          • LOL ‘Bodice-rippers’ are supposed to have that effect. Cons seem to like those books….one is just out based on Michelle Bachman….trust me, you don’t want to read the promo for that one!

          • The publisher = vanity press. Ouch.

          • Interesting. You read the cover of my book? You could not bring yourself to read the book instead> Too difficult for you to contemplate deeper questions?

            Or would you like to discuss the contents of my book. I have the time.

          • Francien sez: “I have the time…”

            You don’t say.

          • Another poster who wants to get in on the debate about my book without knowing anything about my book!


            Thank you for reading and responding to my posts.

          • You are confused. I’m not debating your book and I’m not debating your time allocation. I am agreeing with you that you seem to have a lot of time to spare.

          • You are such a liar! You have known for a long time about my published book.

            Now suddenly you pretend to just have found out!

            Oh, my, no wonder you haven’t wanted to read it; it’s not just a novel.

          • LOL no, I didn’t say I’d just discovered it. I mentioned it a long time ago but was polite enough not to post the write-ups. I did say you were trying to use Macleans to sell your book

            However the constant drivel about Justin reminded me about your ‘creativity’ shall we say…?

            ‘Orgasmic truth between the covers’ indeed LOL

            Anyway keep the fantasies for your novels, and give up politics

          • Hey, post all the write-ups about my book you want!

            I have nothing to hide!

            Keep it coming.

          • LOL I said months ago that you were trying to use Macleans as free advertising to sell your book

          • In fact, I have NEVER brought up my book until YOU brought up my book!

          • LOL anybody who tried reading it would likely regurgitate it….

          • Now why should I give up politics, EmilyOne? So you and the gang can keep on with telling blatant lies over and over again without anyone calling you out?

            Now why would I give up politics to let you have a free ride?

          • LOL so other posters here aren’t bored by the naif Con troll in their midst.

          • Thank you for reading and responding to my posts!

          • You’re welcome. Just don’t expect it to ever happen again.

          • HAHAHAHAHAHHA, EmilyOne will not respond to my posts ever again.

            Now, how along ago was that promise made and broken over and over again! You are a hoot!

          • Hey this would make a great title for a book on Harper’s years in politics.

          • Let me guess . . . in the book, one man, transplanted to a new city, wonders about Justin Trudeau’s speaking fees as he looks at the view from his fourth-floor apartment’s balcony.

            With a refreshing philosophical slant, Ms. Match is a literary novel from talented newcomer Francien Verhoeven that offers a glimpse into the curious mind of one individual’s search for truth about Justin Trudeau’s speaking fees.

            On second thought, don’t need to read it, Macleans comment boards are free.

          • AHAHAHAHAHAHA….but you forgot the unbuttoned shirt! There HAS to be an unbuttoned shirt!

          • You are starting to sound like Jennifer Ditchburn. She must giggle too when she makes unsubstantiated comments.

          • LOL hon, if ever anyone made unsubstantiated statements, it’s you.

            Maybe you need to talk about ‘orgasmic truth’ again.

          • Is that apartment in Ottawa because to be accurate, you should mention he is getting a per diem when he stays there. A good novelist does her research, Francien.

          • A good novelist does not have to pay for her own publication.

      • no.

        • No, it is not considered an outside business when giving speeches while being a paid MP!

    • Haven’t you read HARPERLAND? I might suggest this to anyone who hasn’t read it yet, as well.

  2. I can’t tell if the St.-Denis stuff is about the fact they didn’t put their name on it rather than it let a recipient connect directly to the candidate’s office. Can anyone provide any info? I ask because apparently the NDP say it was a mistake, which makes more sense if the only issue is not copping to the fact that you didn’t identify it was coming from a party (which is still wrong of course, and deserving of censure).

    • Of course they’re saying it’s a mistake…. they got caught!

      • anyone with an answer that is not stupid? anyone?

        • I guess not, that was a pretty stupid response by you.

      • It’s a certainly a step up from what you guys admit to, which is nothing. We’re sure hearing a lot about RackNine in the news eh?

        • Who is “you guys”? I don’t work for RackNine. Really, what the hell are you talking about?

  3. The Conservative’s aren’t cooperating with the investigation because they know who Pierre Poutine is. Michael Soronos, the unfortunate Conservative Party staffer who’s been labelled as the fall guy for the robocall electoral fraud fiasco in the Guelph constituency, apparently does. It should be interesting when his trial for the charges finally gets to a court of law. Robcalls, which are used by many MP’s from all parties, should be bannned as they do very little to extend the democratic process. Instead, judging from the collateral damage inflicted upon the general populace to date, and the cost to taxpayers to clean up the mess they leave behind, they do more to impede it.

    • Michael Sona (not Soronos) — what will he have to say in a court of law under oath? And what about Duffy, Wright, should we ever manage to get them into a forum where they are sworn to truth?

      I rather think these are events Harper hopes to high heaven he can stop from ever happening. I want to hear that Sonabird sing.

      • When Duffy goes out campaigning and goes out fundraising (giving speeches) for the CPC, it is all considered a fraud because it is!

        When Justin Trudeau goes out campaigning and goes out fundraising (giving speeches) for his own private use, while serving as a paid MP already, such practice is considered ……..wait for it…………’attending to one’s business outside of the House’!

        • So tell us what your understanding of Duffy’s trouble is?

      • He is definitely no longer a team player. I am dying to find out what witnesses both sides are bringing in. Also Andrew Prescott – formerly Christian Conservative now Christian Independent is not happy. He’s not being given blogger creds at the convention.

  4. This is the other news I heard today:

    When Duffy goes out campaigning and goes out fundraising (giving speeched) for the CPC, it is a fraud.

    When Justin Trudeau goes out campaigning and goes out fundraising (giving speeches) for his own private use while serving as a paid MP already, such practice is considered ‘attending to one’s business outside of the House’!

    Interesting, all that new news!

    • The distinction is very important and as a Canadian voter you should take the time to learn it.

      • So, ALL MP’s should now start charging a hefty fee to stuff into their own private pockets as Justin does, when giving speeches to schools and universities?

        Is that what you think is acceptable? ALL MP’s should do that???

        • You know, I could swear you are the Sham-Wow guy.

          • Only without his class and subtlety.

  5. So, all of the same things Wherry’s been spending the last year talking about. Must be getting boring, especially considering that absolutely nothing new is ever coming out, except for the fact that the COC lost their lawsuit because they couldn’t prove anybody was actually dissuaded from voting (can you have voter suppression if no votes are actually suppressed?)

    • Good question.

      Here’s another: Has ‘widespread voter fraud’ occurred if a judge rules it has?

      • If the judge had ruled there had been “widespread voter fraud”, then I’m sure the case wouldn’t have been thrown out. But that’s not at all what the judge ruled:

        I find that electoral fraud occurred during the 41st General Election but I am not satisfied that it has been established that the fraud affected the outcomes in the subject ridings

        I’m pretty sure some type of electoral fraud happens in every single riding in every single election. The fact that the judge said, specifically, that it was not widespread is what’s important.

        But nice try.

        • He didn’t say it wasn’t widespread; he said there was insufficient evidence that it affected the outcome. This isn’t the same as “not guilty”.

          • He also didn’t say it was the Conservative’s either. Which is not the same as “the Liberals are guilty”.

          • BUT, he did say it was most likely CIMS data used to make these calls.

            So, suppose I am the Conservative party. I know I’m innocent, and that my data has been hacked. Why am I not investigating this thoroughly to get to the bottom of this? For all I know, the Liberals just hacked my data. And why would I obstruct the court proceedings if I know I’m innocent? The only outcome could be that I’m exonerated, and that they’d find the (possibly Liberal) culprit.

            If the Conservatives are innocent, why are they not searching come hell or high water for who hacked their database?

          • You have no idea what the CPC is or isn’t doing. It’s not at all unusual for hacking victims to keep the crime a secret. It happens all the time, in fact.

        • Point of clarification (perhaps this is just semantics): the judge said “the voter suppression effort was geographically widespread’ but, apart from Guelph, thinly scattered”.

          • Kinda like Rick’s thoughts…

          • Awww gawd, nearly inhaled my wine………..

        • I unreservedly apologize to you, the Conservative Party, the nation and RackNine as I refer you to TheOriginalMatlock’s post in this thread:

          “…the judge said “the voter suppression effort was geographically widespread’ but, apart from Guelph, thinly scattered..”

          If ‘we’re not very good at this voter fraud thing’ is your defense, you might rethink that. Remember, ‘competence’ is integral to ‘The Brand’.

  6. What we have to watch for is Harper giving away the farm just to get the E.U. deal done.
    Let’s face it, his past performance indicates that his total motivation is not what is good for Canada, but rather political gain.

    Mel Brundige