In our hour of need, Justin Trudeau promises us better

In the absence of an agenda, there are only various scandals to wonder about


Before Justin Trudeau had uttered a word, Heritage Minister James Moore had used his fifth response to the New Democrats to scold the Liberal leader and then, in response to Mr. Trudeau’s first question, Mr. Moore had pronounced further shame on him and so now Mr. Trudeau attempted a rallying cry.

“Mr. Speaker,” the Liberal leader declared, “while they break the rules any chance they can get, we do not just follow the rules, we raise the bar.”

Most everyone laughed. The Conservatives and New Democrats howled. NDP House leader Nathan Cullen and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel exchanged pantomimes of weightlifters raising the bar above their heads. Pierre Poilievre made the motion for raising the roof.

The Speaker was compelled to call for order. When the floor was returned to him, Mr. Trudeau put his question and Mr. Moore dismissed it and then the Heritage Minister heaped more scorn on Mr. Trudeau’s speaking fees.

Mr. Trudeau’s grand declaration did sound a bit silly. It surely was a bit silly.

But the sentiment was all right.

These are the final days of the spring session and surely everyone here would rather be elsewhere. There is little left to do and even less to say. And in the absence of an agenda to argue about, there are only various scandals to wonder about and trivialities to chase in the interests of distracting from those scandals.

Without any actual reforms to propose, Tim Uppal, the minister of state for democratic reform, used his time to raise allegations of wrongdoing on the New Democrats. Challenging limits of the Speaker’s unwillingness to impose standards on this place and the extent to which viewers are willing to have their intelligence insulted, Conservative MP Blaine Calkins and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson used a scripted exchange on the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act to criticize Mr. Trudeau’s public speaking. Conservative backbencher Lawrence Toet and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews then performed a similar routine on the subject of Thomas Mulcair’s driving. In response to a question from Liberal MP Ralph Goodale about Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy, Bruce Carson, Arthur Porter, Saulie Zajdel, Peter Penashue and Patrick Brazeau, James Moore cited Mac Harb and, again, Mr. Trudeau.

When it was over the earth did not open wide and swallow this place whole, but surely no one would’ve minded if it had.

Two weeks removed from the worst month in the history of Canadian politics, the House is presently taken with the question of who here is the least disgraceful, even if only to pass the time until the summer break. And into this moment steps Mr. Trudeau, he of nostalgia and promise and hope and change and handsomeness and this rather remarkable line graph.

And, yes, of course, also of those public speaking fees.

It was Mr. Trudeau who, in February, disclosed his appearances and earnings. It was someone from the Grace Foundation who wrote, in March, to lament that their fundraiser had gone poorly. It was the Harper government that, last week, complained loudly about this situation. And it was Mr. Trudeau who, two days after seeming to dismiss the matter, announced that he would make amends.

It might be possible to make a reasonable argument that Mr. Trudeau has done nothing wrong—the same ethics commissioner to whom the Harper government deferred on the matter of Nigel Wright’s cheque seems to have cleared Mr. Trudeau to make the speeches he made between 2008 and 2012. And it might not matter much two years hence—surely Mr. Trudeau would be forgiven were he to look at recent history and conclude that elections could be won despite questions about the ethics of one’s actions.

But this is now for Mr. Trudeau to explain. He made those speeches, he accepted those fees and it thus for him to justify. This afternoon, awhile after Question Period he had concluded, he walked out into the foyer and stood in front of the cameras and took something like 20 questions. Again, he did not contain himself.

“I will talk with them about anything that they want to do. I am open,” he said of the groups he is promising to reach out to.

And then, in the next breath, another declaration.

“What I am demonstrating here is a level of openness, transparency, accountability that has never been seen before on this Parliament,” he ventured. “But this is the kind of standard that I know Canadians want to be able to expect from their public servants. It’s not—from the people who serve in this Parliament, it’s not enough to simply follow the rules or follow the ethics code or even follow the law because we have a government right now that has broken repeatedly all three of those. I am willing to go above and beyond to try and restore Canadians’ faith in a place that has betrayed them too many times.”

Was this silly too? Probably at least a little. Mr. Trudeau is not quite in possession of gravitas. He has not yet done enough to earn it. It was surely not necessary to declare his actions unprecedented. A man should not be proclaiming his own greatness (unless that man is Kanye West). And the politician chased by questions of poor judgment is not well positioned to proclaim the righteousness of his response.

A few more questions and then he was back into the meaning of it all.

“I’ve been very, very clear throughout that I’ve followed all the rules and all the Code of Ethics and all the laws involved but I also am aware that I am running to be prime minister,” he said. “And right now we have a Prime Minister that has demonstrated such a lack of judgment, a lack of openness, transparency, accountability that Canadians have become incredibly cynical about all of us who choose to serve in this place. And I realize that I have an opportunity here to demonstrate that Canadians can expect and deserve a better level of behaviour from people in this place who hope to wield the public trust one day.”

There are so many asterisks to apply to the political promise of Justin Trudeau. He is not yet a commanding performer in the House. He is untested as a political leader. He has said some things he shouldn’t have. He does not have a record of accomplishment. He does not yet have a platform. His poll numbers have the feel of a housing bubble. He has not proven attack ads wrong. An election is still two years away. He is opposite two formidable opponents, each with more experience at this stuff and more MPs in their caucuses. And at the start of the next election, there will be at least 303 ridings without a Liberal incumbent.

“Mr. Speaker, Canadians’ confidence in our public office-holders has been shaken by the opening of a criminal investigation into the Prime Minister’s own office,” Mr. Trudeau had declared with his first question this afternoon. “By raising the bar on openness and transparency, we can begin to restore confidence in our public institutions. Will the government choose transparency over secrecy? Will it publicly release a copy of the $90,000 cheque written by the Prime Minister’s chief of staff to Mike Duffy?”

Mr. Moore had scoffed. “Mr. Speaker,” the minister said, “somebody really should advise the Liberal leader not to lead with his chin in Question Period.”

Indeed, Mr. Trudeau’s declarations this day might’ve been a bit much, might’ve seemed a bit rich. His rivals might’ve laughed and mocked. He might not have proven anything. He might’ve invited only eye rolls.

But maybe still, in this particular moment, Mr. Trudeau has the right idea.

(And maybe it is worth remembering that the last time Mr. Moore invoked Mr. Trudeau’s chin it was the other guy who ended up woozy.)


In our hour of need, Justin Trudeau promises us better

  1. Trudeau needs to get in front of this and turn it back on the CPC crap-machine.

    Announce you will pay back all charities EXCEPT those that complained at the behest of CPC MPs. Demand james moore step aside, give Trudeau unlimited access to all his personal and professional communications and give complete and utter transparency in an attempt to prove he didn’t attack a charity’s livelihood for political purposes. Really hammer this.

    Publicly lament how the CPC are using charities as pawns to try to attack him. For the second time in a single year, ask for charitable donations to replace those lost because the CPC want to make it harder for charities to do their work. “they like charity, they like power more”.

    yes, it’s laying it on thick, but it’s more honest than what the CPC are doing.

    • Too late for Justin!

      Justin should have come clean when the board member of the charity went public with the outcome of the event.

      Why did Justin wait so long to answer to Canadians what he had been up to?

      Justin should have said; ” I made the wrong judgement call to think I could keep the job I had before becoming an MP. I realize that now and I will do everything within my power to correct such wrong judgements on my part!”

      But now Justin is digging himself a much bigger hole. This is not over yet for Justin Trudeau. His problems are just beginning!

      Keep talking Justin! Keep talking!

      • “Why did Justin wait so long to answer to Canadians what he had been up to?”

        Well, he could’ve waited as long as the Prime Minister did to remove his Chief of Staff after finding out the CoS did something that he didn’t bother clearing with his boss (so we are told) and the ethics commissioner.

        IIRC Trudeau did check with the ethics commissioner regarding his activities.

        But I suppose facts don’t really matter to you if they don’t support your argument.

      • In the end Trudeau did the right thing but wobbled back and forth before doing it. Maybe he can calm his GTA and Quebec support and the cheerleaders in the MSM with his little I’m so sorry routine but it won’t cut it beyond the Ontario border. In many places in Western Canada the word Trudeau is still a swear word

        • Among bed rock conservatives maybe; lots of other westerner s have moved on. In any case Trudeau hatred was overblown ; his father was respected by many if not loved by all. That doesn’t mean Justin will have an easy time of it of course. Whatever he gets he’ll have to earn.

          • I was living in Calgary at the time of the NEP . My city block looked like today’s Detroit with all the darkened,empty houses. Many Western Canadians will never forget that time

          • I was there too ( Edmonton) and while its true the NEP was bad policy, it was not entirely responsible for the collapse. The industry went belly up in Texas too, and that had nothing to do with pet. AB cons have been dining out on it ever since
            In any case Justin wisely choose to apologize for the policy. People move on eventually.

          • Remember my next door neighbour a big 270 lb guy who had been recently laid off ,crying like a small child when he asked me for $30 to feed his kids, can’t see how he could ever move on

          • Westerners are good about smelling a weasel!

            Harper is not Duffy.

            Harper is not Wright.

            Harper is not Wallin.

            Justin is not Harb.

            But Justin is Justin and HE did pocket that $277,000 while skipping the house, while using some of that money to fund his leadership campaign.

            Weasels do leave a smell!

          • You are right about people moving on but I think Justin’s somewhat superior attitude regarding transparency is misguided at this juncture. It is like he has missed the whole point. Didn’t he just say he would “make things right?” What was wrong in the first place had nothing to do with transparency but rather the perception that he was a greedy, shallow, spoiled rich man who thought himself entitled to take money from school boards and charities rather than give as an ordinary, less privileged Canadian is apt to do. I think he still doesn’t get it that there is a perception, based on his actions, that he might not have the desirable characteristics we would wish in a leader of our country. We already elected two corrupt governments, do we want a third with a leader who seems decidedly self-serving? At least Mulclair refused the cash in the envelope.

          • Trudeau junior may have earned his salary as a teacher but everything else he got was by riding on daddy’s name and left wing liberal connections.

          • Not quite true. Nevertheless he had aknowledged the debt he owes his father’s legacy. You’re just making yourself look petty. If you don’t like the guy say so, that’s fine ; but enough with the school boy trash talk.

          • Kcm2

            Liberals had plenty of candidates with solid credentials but they chose a leader based on little else other than the name. Trudeau, a name who’s idea of public service is charging charities large fees for short speeches all the while being paid by the taxpayer and in many cases skipping his regular duties.

            Trudeau’s sense of entitlement is nauseating and your defense of this makes you look less than honest yourself.

            Lets face it you need to get yourself a new leader.

      • Do you mean like how in February he publicly stated that he had a public speaking business? Nobody cared then, and nobody should care now. Business is business.

        • Yes 1derer business is business.

          Trudeau junior had nothing but a million dollars daddy’s name and left wing/liberal connections. He leveraged daddy’s name and the political connections into a profitable speaking business. Without daddy’s name and connections. People came to see the name and the agency sold him not on ability but name and political mystique.

          If Trudeau was truly a speaker in his own right; he would have had speaking engagements outside Canada where he could have collected more than $20,000 per speech.

          Someone with true intellectual capital like Mark Carney has value outside Canada. Trudeau on the other hand is not in the same league.

          Trudeau’s only value is political and that is the issue. In the real marketplace outside politics his speaking value would seem to be zero

          • All of which matter not a whit.

          • 1derer

            I think you are wrong. Trudeau’s behaviour will matter a whit to the voters.

            Is it true he raised his prices once he became an Member of Parliament?

            Surely you don’t agree with this sort of arrogance and greed?

          • Where did you hear that he raised his prices upon becoming an MP? Gawd I am naive. I thought people ran for office to serve…”ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” and all that. I didn’t realize it was a stepping stone to getting bigger money from non-profits and schools for 10 minutes of speaking. How disappointing. Are we never going to have a decent person who wants to run the country. Bring in the astronaut, please!

        • Has anyone, anyone, in the MSM reported that Harper DID quit his job as president of the NCC when he became an elected MP?

          You will never read about that in the news!

          And so now we know at least what decision Justin made when he became an MP; he could then charge MORE for his speaking tours and why not take profit that way, eh!

          Justin taking advantage of being an MP – on the backs of charities and schools! Good judgement call, Justin – if money is what drives you!

          • Harper’s history with the National Citizen’s Coalition is well-documented in the media. Don’t make stuff up.

            Your assertion that Trudeau is gouging charities is either ignorant or intellectually dishonest. He’s not forcing anyone to hire him; public speaking is a completely optional expense for a charity. Any charity that hires him is doing so because it believes that he is the best option for their company.

            You obviously haven’t ever worked for a fundraising charity. Now that Trudeau is not available, these charities are simply going to be giving thousands of dollars to someone else. Hiring speakers is simply part of the job, and it won’t stop with him not there.

          • Yes but that someone else charities will hire likely won’t have aspirations to lead our nation. Maybe that someone else will be an Olympic athlete like Carol Hyunh who recently spoke at a graduation I attended. Her parents were Vietnam “boat people” and she is a two-time medalist for Canada and she is a student who is studying for her PhD in psychology. Carol donated her speaking fee to a literacy advocacy group. Carol, unlike Justin Trudeau is not wealthy but she is grateful to be in this country and happy to share what she has with the disadvantaged. Perhaps Carol Hyunh will run for public office and eventually for PM. We could use someone with some ethics and selflessness.

          • do high schools use graduations as fund raisers now? do they sell tix for proft raising?

            srsly, big of cup of “duuuuuh” ,

          • Oh so the fact that Justin took money from charities that were doing “fund raising” makes it okay. I thought the literacy convention in Saskatchewan was a convention, not a fundraiser. Big cup of “duuuuuh” back at you! Perhaps this is the point when you try again to shut down any further discussions like you have done in the past.

          • I get the impression these attacks are having the opposite effect- young families can identify with his work ethic and obvious sincerity – also his ability to speak directly to the people ( so carry on trashing him and see where it takes you :)

      • What wrong judgment? More than 100 Harper Conservatives MPs have secondary income. Are these H-C MPs going to give their money back? Trudeau has a life too …if he is hired to give a speech on his own time, why shouldn’t he be compensated? And the H-C are denying him that right to have secondary income even before he was an MP! How ludicrous can that be?
        Entities hired Trudeau to speak not because he is an MP but because he is a Trudeau and he is inspirational and charismatic.
        He stopped taking money …and thus speak less …when he became the Liberal’s leader.
        Stop the hypocriscy! Harper, Jason Kenny and many other H-C MPs lived off the public trough for years.

    • The key I think is that he is going to talk to the leadership of the charities in questions, rather than intermediates who have Senate-appointment aspirations or civil service appointments.

      The trough is deep at CPC headquarters…3.1 billion can buy a lot of savants.

      • yeah, both would be in order, but keep hammering Moore.

      • Yeah, it’s a pity it’s been unaccounted for since 2001.

        • 2005. The last year in power was as far back as the audit went. The $3.1 billion did not go missing in that year. But keep making stuff up. It’s all you have.

      • Is it true that the $3.1 billion dollars has been missing since 2001 so in fact, several of the years it was unaccounted for, the Liberals were in power?

        • No. The paperwork was there when the CPC came to power. It has only become worse if not completely absent under their watch.

    • Should he also “publicly lament” that Brad Wall is using the literacy convention as a pawn to try to attack him? Good gawd the man is in his forties. Coming out with a “public lament’ would make him sound like a child….hardly fit to lead a country that at any moment could face a horrific crisis. Time to think up a better strategy than that for dealing with the issue or you, GFMD might just have to give up your job as one of Justin’s handlers.

      • Ok, maybe he has a wife with debt that would send you into fits of misguided, apologist idiotic sympathy?

        • Yes, if he admitted to a gambling addiction as the reason why he needs to make a lot of money, I would tend to be more sympathetic.

  2. LOL the Cons have just managed to turn Justin into a saint.

    Way to go guys.

    • How do you get “saint?”

      He’s admitted it looks bad… because it DOES look bad. You can’t have the 4th to worst attendance record of any MP in the house because you think it’s your job to talk to people/taxpayers/constituents while also charging them for the talk as a separate fee apart from your salary! Seriously, that looks really really bad. It makes it look like you don’t care about your job as MP and are more concerned with using the title and fame of your name to make money on speaking tours. Most people have the sense to save that for AFTER they’re out of office. He’s doing this while drawing a salary from tax payers and then not doing the job but charging them for talks… that’s double dipping and not doing what you were paid to do in the first place. Nothing saintly there.

      By saying it looks bad he also admits that maybe taking such massive sums of money for giving speeches is a poor idea when the venues paying for it are charities and recipients of public funds (like universities). Most MP’s will go and do that stuff for free because they recognize a certain duty to the tax payer. Once you’re not an MP you can do what you like, but before then it looks like you’re drawing two salaries from the tax payers and STILL not doing your job as an MP.

      He doesn’t look like a “saint.” He looks like a “fail.” The main saving graces he has are his name, his looks, and the short attention span of the public.

      • ‘“Mr. Speaker,” the Liberal leader declared, “while they break the rules
        any chance they can get, we do not just follow the rules, we raise the

        • Let me add to that. “We raise the bar…when we are embarrassed into doing so.”

          • Well he wasn’t…..but they did try blackmail, which Justin shortcircuted

          • Better than the Conservatives: “We use your money to hire excavators so that we can lower the bar to historic levels!”

        • Coming from Quebec where corruption is rampant makes this even more comical.

          • Corruption is rampant in BC, Alberta, Ontario….as well.

          • Emily One

            That statement of yours is laughable.

            If you have some facts to show any province in Canada to have corruption anywhere close to the level of corruption in Quebec I would like to see the source.

            Would also like to see a source that could show Trudeau’s speaking ability to have any value outside his natural political audience and left wingers.

            Example would be Mark Carney. Real value accepted worldwide.

          • EmilyOne does not do evidence. She could be an avid CBC follower since the CBC does not need evidence either to spread false stories!

          • Massive drug money in BC…you bet there’s corruption. A one party province of Alberta for 40 years….you bet there’s corruption.

            Ontario has Toronto, London and Ottawa currently trending on corruption.

            As to Trudeau….the Con party is far more interested in him than left wingers. LOL

            Trouble is dude, you can’t think for that wall of partisanship you carry around with you.

          • Facts EmilyOne Facts.

            You making outlandish statements does not constitute facts.
            I hope they are paying you well for your drivel.

            Without daddy’s name and connections junior is just another left wing teacher.

            How can you support inherited leaders?

          • Todays headlines in the National Post

            Montreal’s mayor resigns after arrest, charges in city’s widening corruption scandal

            Quebec’s ‘distinct society’ actually proves to be riddled with corruption disease

    • If he is a saint why is he giving back the money and saying he is sorry

      • He isn’t.

        Actually he’s short-circuiting blackmail….and putting a spoke in Harper’s wheels.

        • He isn’t? Well, you are an interesting person – that is for sure!

  3. It sounds like the only thing he’s missing is a cape.

    • I wonder if he still has PET’s somewhere?

      • Probably. It belonged to his grandfather.

        • And did his grandfather pay for that cape by doing some double dipping on the tax payers expense?

          • ??? His grandfather ran gas stations.

          • Isn’t it strange that the scions of oil barons are now the ones on the environmental gravy train.

          • Harper’s dad worked for an oil company…..but that’s not being the scion of an oil baron. And there is no environmental gravy train.

          • So his grandfather was not double dipping then. Well, so Justin is not like his grandfather.

          • LOL you don’t even know who or what you’re talking about.

            Typical Albertan mouth.

          • I would sooner be Francien Verhoeven than a liberal toadie.

          • LOL gawd you’re terrible. Your memo of talking points will be pink next time

  4. I am glad that QP reported on what the MSM had not been doing for some time, namely to look for wrongs committed on BOTH sides of the House.

    If repetition helps the opposition parties to get their swings of allegations into the MSM, then why would repetition not work for the government benches!

    And voila! Repetition does work wonders; now Canadians get to know the real Justin!

    Quite an eye opener, to say the least!

    • Quite an eye opener, to say the least!

      That’s because you’re completely blind to almost anything questionable perpetrated by the Cons.

    • Actually the opposition are supposed to hold the govt to account and the govt govern. But one could be forgiven for thinking its this govts job to hold the opposition to account full time, and to govern P/T at best.

      • Yeah, weird isn’t it? They don’t even know who they are.

        Maybe it was all that name-changing….and now they’re having an identity crisis.

      • That’s really strange because another commentator just told me last week that the job of the Opposition was to cooperate. Of course we were talking a Liberal government and a Conservative Opposition. Funny how it changes depending on who is in Opposition.

        • If it was the job of the Opposition to cooperate….they wouldn’t be called the OPPOSITION

          • Brilliant remark. Thanks for confirming.

          • Well, if you’re that dumb….like yer buddy FV….somebody has to enlighten you.

          • God, you can’t even take a compliment can you?

          • Most remarks on here are sarcastic….so I don’t recognize a compliment. Sorry. LOL

          • You’re the best poster here Emily there’s another one

          • LOL Thank you…..but FV posts far more than I do.

            Mind you she’s very one-track-mind, but…..

          • FV is not here to twist the truth!

            Justin double-dipped and you and the MSM are trying to post any excuse possible in order to turn this around for Justin. Good luck with your twisted lies and turns. They are spoiled goods! No one will buy them excuses!

            But keep trying!

          • You’re being replaced FV….whole crowd auditioning today

            Bye bye

        • Bs. It’s always been the job of the opposition to oppose.

          • I know that. You know that but it depends on who is in opposition. Right now Hudak is getting flak for not cooperating with McWynnety as opposed to Horwath who is.

          • We always have politics.. unfortunately.

          • It has always been the media’s role to report.

            Why did the media not report about that charity and the loss, if that was known already way back?

            Why is the media covering for Justin by keeping silent until the CPC in QP finally lets out the real news!

          • The media did not report the charity’s loss, mostly because their website had a glowing description of the event and what a success it was. That has now been taken down however. Funny how things can change in less than a year.

    • I love how you’re posting about an issue that the mainstream media isn’t covering, on an article about that issue, on a website that is part of the mainstream media.

      Allegations about the mainstream media… Why would anyone want to parrot American Republican talking points? They’re vapid down there, and even more so up here.

  5. As an aside (because I actually watched QP today, though I know everybody’s hating on/vociferously defending Justin Trudeau), Tim Uppal’s act today was BRUTAL. The NDP asked some (albeit snotty) questions about the Conservatives’ promised electoral reform, and Uppal — instead of actually answering the questions, which some of us would actually like to know the answers to — just used his time to sh*tcan the NDP.

    I hope next time he’s asked, he uses his time better. Some of us, notwithstanding snotty political motives, would actually like to know what’s going on.

    • It’s amazing the different viewpoint you get from actually watching QP. I watched it one day after seeing a number of head lines that declared “Mulcair attacked…”, “Trudeau berated…” then when I watched, Trudeau had two sentences, Mulcair did most of the talking and for the most part all three parties were kibitzing.

  6. Let me say this. Mr. Harper and Mr. Obama were elected to run clean and transparent governments and they also promised to do so. Mr Trudeau is no exception to the rule. He will promise high and low to be different but once office is achieved, the shadowy backstage players come forth and demand payback, demand deference and demand positions and authority. The candidates that Mr. Trudeau vetted and approved will also betray him and like the Duffys and the Wallins and yes, the Harbs they will cheat and try and pack more into their paycheques. International politics will show Mr. Trudeau that he is not free to run a transparent government because secrets must be kept and he will learn that the people must be deceived for their own good. Such is politics and there is no such thing as hope and change.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Nope. Revolution. The political class need to be shown that they are our servants, not the other way around. In order to do that, we have to get rid of the supra governmental institutions. Don’t ask me how as I don’t know.

        • LOL well we elect all those people, so there isn’t going to be any revolution.

          I dunno what ‘supra governmental institutions’ you’re talking about…..but people are even still clinging to the senate….

          • Any international organization. The IMF, the World Bank, etc. They all offer lucrative positions to politicians that deliver the goods.

          • Ahh global ones….well we’ll get more of those, not less

            Most of our problems, and most of the solutions are global in nature so they have to be handled that way.

          • When people earn their way into positions like Mark Carney or even Stephen Harper that is one thing.

            When people like Trudeau junior ride daddy’s name and connections without value outside of that; There is something inherently (pun intended) wrong with that.

            Inheriting money is fine but positions of power should not be inherited.

            Trudeau never earned anything and is not worth $20,000 per speech in the marketplace outside of daddy’s name and connections.

          • It would seem that many organizations disagree with your estimate of the worth of Trudeau as a speaker. He does get hired a lot, and probably gets many requests he can’t fulfill.

        • So what! Getting apologies out of the Harper govt is hardly a cake walk.

  7. You know those line graphs really are crazy when you think how little Trudeau has done to earn them – other then consulting Canadians and making lofty pledges; god help the other two parties if he makes good. If nothing else, Canadians seem to expecting a lot from the guy.

  8. “He has not proven attack ads wrong.”

    If there’s one thing that a politician of any party should never be judged for, it’s their response to attack ads. Rather, we should judge the people responsible the ads themselves.

    • I voted you up on principle. But I suspect what AW is getting at there is that it is up to JT to not live up to those smears. He has some work to do on the is he ready to lead bit. Personally I think he’s got what it takes to get there, that elusive mental toughness.

      • I don’t think most people hate Trudeau that much . I do admire his passion but given this issue, his comments on the Senate and the insult thrown at Mr. Kent that same passion can be liability as well as an asset.

    • I liked his response to the attack ads. He faced the camera and in his own voice acknowledged many of the statements made, and explained his point of view. He didn’t try to deny them, evade them, or attack in return. Even better, he didn’t hide behind some narrator’s voice dripping with contempt. I think he has a lot of potential.

  9. I just think it’s kinda pathetic that the kid chose ( it was a
    choice) to be rolled by the tin-pot thugs in the PMO. If this
    is the pattern his future will be short and ugly.
    So far he’s closer to a Ben Mulroney than The Great Saviour.
    I’m not much of a fan but he (and/or his advisors) are gonna
    have to grow a pair.

  10. Well if Conservatives have learned one thing from this that they have a perfect Stephen Harper House of Commons clone in James Moore. He can twist it and spin it with the master.
    I was disappointed to see a pretty well respected decent Conservative back bencher Patrick Brown from Barrie drawn into this dirty smear campaign. His reputation has taken a hit, now that he is down there with the rot at the bottom of the swamp where scum sinks to find its natural level.

    • What bugs me is Moore does not answer the questions he is asked, just goes on the attack. Is it not the role of the speaker to make sure the questions are answered. Seems to be a flaw in our parliamentary system that that speaker are party members.

  11. So let me get this straight: Taxpayer pay for the PMO, which mostly runs Conservative Party dirty tricks, personal attack, and smear campaigns. Alert Ottawa media: Any chance this might be a scandal?

    • As a taxpayer I pay for whacked university leftie loon instructors, schools that have black and orange day rather than Halloween, HRCs that entertain cases about 15 second prayers what are you complaining about!

      • I complain about taxpayers money being used to benefit only one political party or faction. That can lead to a one party state.

        • I complain about tax money going to universities to produce Vegan Studies grads with $75,000 student debt and a $10 an hour job pouring coffee at Starbucks and Timmies

          • It must be hard for you paying all that imaginary money for the University of Rhetorical Fiction (Go Strawmen!)

          • Can I have a little cream for my Double-Double Big Al

          • Make that a Double-Double Big Al, two creams

    • Not nearly as scandalous as Justin Trudeau taking paid time away from parliament to go take $20,000 from a charitable event for seniors. He’s double dipping on our dime.

  12. You are doing a good thing Aaron in telling Justin Trudeau that he needs to act more contrite about taking money from charities and public funded school boards. I imagine you are quite upset when you have to chastise him because you seem to be a fan. However, someone needs to advise him that his apparent hubris is going to sink him with ordinary Canadians who for the most part are a generous bunch and won’t understand why a rich and privileged man in his forties cannot share a little of what he has with the disadvantaged of the country. A country I might add, that he has aspirations of leading.

  13. I cannot wait for an election. I am so tired of the conservatives.

  14. I rather think that those people who seem to think that Mr. Trudeau was just collecting his large fees on the basis of his good looks and famous name must think that charity fund raisers are simple minded and generally incompetent. For my sins during the course of my life I have to sit through vastly more speeches than than the average person does. Justin Trudeau is one of the better speaker I have watched and I am surprised that he has not performed better in the House.

    I am sure the reason he felt able to offer refunds is that very few charities are going to have any reason at all to want one as they got their money worth. Those that weren’t as successful as they had hoped likely had only themselves to blame. Certainly it would have been nice of Mr. Trudeau to do it for free in his spare time but it also would be supererogatory. It would be also nice of Steven Harper to travel the country giving free speeches for charity fundraisers. If Mr. Harper is willing to do so I would be happy to cover his expenses for some sort of Hockey related charity in Vancouver. But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the call from the PMO.

  15. If you think parliament has been any different since 1867 then you are naive and do not know the political game and therefore should get out of “This Place”

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