In the interests of full disclosure -

In the interests of full disclosure

Who else has been speaking professionally?


I’ve emailed the offices of senators Larry Smith and Jacques Demers to inquire as to their public speaking engagements, but have not heard back.

Glen McGregor has been told by Mr. Smith’s office that the senator’s speaking is nobody’s business and McGregor reports that Mr. Demers spoke at a literacy event in London, Ontario in 2011.


In the interests of full disclosure

  1. Oh now hey….no fair!

    And just when the staff at Bullshit Central was about to go home!

  2. Did Mr.Demers speak for fees in case of charities? Yes, he charged $4,500 instead of $6,500.

    Still not good on him either.

    But only one other one could be found? Only one other one????? Really!

    Now, the question: will Canadians think it a good thing for Demers to have done so???

    • Maybe Canadians won’t care as long as he shows he did his job as Senator? Seems to me, this is a scandal about nothing, not unlike what is happening in the US with the fake scandals…

    • At least Demers has some interesting life experiences to talk about. Trust Fund Trudeau, not so much.

  3. Wherry, you are such a crack reporter! Wow.

  4. Sorry, Mr. Smith, it’s my business if you were speaking on the taxpayers’ dime.