Independent thought alert -

Independent thought alert


John Ivison detects discomfort over the government’s latest back-to-work legislation.

Some Conservative MPs who voted through back-to-work legislation were also uncomfortable about the rush to get involved. “This is quite different from Air Canada, which could have gone bankrupt and stranded tens of thousands of people,” said one MP. “We should let the process run its course. If they don’t find a solution in the medium term – say two to three weeks – then step in. It’s only been a week.”

The House is scheduled to vote this afternoon on yesterday’s motion to limit debate on the CP Rail bill. The House will then proceed to the actual bill and is expected to sit through the night to pass the legislation.


Independent thought alert

  1. An unnamed Conservative says he is unhappy with the speed of the Back-to-work-legislation is being pushed through . They will be easy to spot as the lone conservative that votes against the motion to limit debate. Or maybe not.

  2. From what you could see on TV version of QP the Conservative backbench looked pretty glum and uninspired.
    And for a cheap shot. Looks to me like a lot of Conservatives, cabinet and backbench, have packed on a few pounds in the last year. The good life, lots of spare time, or just boredom.

    • Glum looking again today. They must be getting a huge backlash of messages coming in from across the country. All negative on EI.

  3. Why does that MP get to speak to Ivison anonymously? That is just BS. Name the MP, Ivison — are you a reporter or a professional gossip?

    And what happens to these people once elected? I’ve worked with enough pols to know they all have huge egos — just how does harper manage to neuter all these people so effectively?

    • Check out the “foot” story; that’s what is left of the last one to …ahem… step out of line.