Inexperienced son of a former prime minister makes good

Jason Kenney’s book report on William Pitt the Younger


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tweets about William Pitt the Younger.

Delivered the inaugural speech to the Albany Club’s William Pitt Society. Spoke on Pitt, Burke & the conservative conception of Parliament.

In preparation for tonight’s speech, I finally got around to reading @WilliamJHague‘s masterful 2004 biography, “William Pitt the Younger.”

1/ Prime Minister at age 24, Pitt governed for 19 years, effectively founded the Conservative Party; modernized Britain’s public finances;

2/ massively strengthened Royal Navy, leading to victory at Trafalgar; was ahead of his time on abolition of slavery & Parliamentary reform;

3/ led the fight against French Jacobinism; and was a man of unimpeachable integrity. A remarkable leader in every respect.

Here is the Wikipedia guide to William Pitt. And here is the Guardian’s review of Mr. Hague’s biography.


Inexperienced son of a former prime minister makes good

  1. Any kid who aspires to be PM at 24 (let alone, makes good on the aspiration) is obviously in “way over his head”.

  2. Surely Kenney was suggesting that 21st century Canada should try to model itself after 19th century England.

    • Pitt the Younger was mostly in the 18th century, but your point still stands.

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