Inside the meeting -

Inside the meeting


The Prime Minister’s Office has released the above photo of today’s meeting. Seated to the Prime Minister’s right is Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan and to Mr. Duncan’s right is National Chief Shawn Atleo. Beside Mr. Atleo are Treasury Board President Tony Clement and Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq. To Mr. Harper’s left are Greg Rickford, parliamentary secretary to Mr. Duncan, and Mr. Harper’s chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

According to the PMO, the Prime Minister will be attending for the duration of today’s meetings. A news conference with someone from the government side is expected after the meeting concludes. Mr. Atleo is not scheduled to meet with the media.


Inside the meeting

  1. Where’s the fish broth lady?

    • probably too know she was on a “hunger” strike..

      better yet how come the ikea monkey wasn’t invited….i’m sure he would provide much more comic relief than spence

    • not anywhere important tjhank fully – she was counter productive to the needs of first nations peoples!

  2. A number of chiefs:- ” Okay, I recognize Harper but who’s the guy on his right ?”

  3. Did Harper send Clement out to get some money out of the trunk of his car?