Interactive: Mike Duffy’s life as a senator

A timeline of Mike Duffy’s life as a parliamentarian


Devaan Ingraham/CP

Senator Mike Duffy’s appointment to the Upper Chamber on December 22, 2008, launched his career as a vaunted party fundraiser, a parliamentarian who constantly paid tributes to retiring colleagues, and a tireless campaigner during the 2011 federal election. Duffy’s time as a senator has seen him cross the country in his adopted party’s name—that is, until he resigned from the Conservative caucus.

This timeline illustrates the P.E.I. native’s life as a parliamentarian. Aaron Wherry and Manisha Krishnan take a deeper look at Duffy’s time as a senator.

Blue represents a fundraising event. Purple represents a speech in the Senate. Red represents a campaign event. Yellow represents a party convention.

This map demonstrates just how far Duffy has travelled since his appointment to the Senate. Markers are divided by fundraising events (in red) and campaign stops (in white).


Interactive: Mike Duffy’s life as a senator

  1. Not a single campaign stop or fundraising event in PEI.


    • Exactly.

  2. Throw him out, throw wallin out, they are thieves stealing money. No excuses if they didn’t know better they should have! Minimum expectation of employement for a Canadian Sentor should be have the ability to read and understand how to claim expenses!!! BOOOOOO, Get them out!!!!!!!!!! Not one more red penney to either!!!! Shame!!!!

  3. this isnt even complete. I saw Duffy at a Shelly Glover event and a breakfast fundraiser for the Winnipeg South Candidate

  4. What’s really interesting is if you ask most Islanders they didn’t even know Duffy was a Senator representing PEI until the news broke about the expense scandal. Ms Callbeck and Ms Hubley go to many of the events occurring on the Island fundraising or not. Harper just needed a Conservative to go against the three Liberal Senators.

  5. This is the very first time in my 41 years that I support the abolishment of the senate. Thank you for the wonderful timeline (excellent work!) and Mr Duffy (go to h*ll) for really and truly opening my eyes.

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