Is Jim Flaherty a hippie?


First, the Finance Minister quotes Bobby Kennedy and waxes romantic about public service and “working together” for the “public good.” Now, he expresses some sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Jim Flaherty says he can understand the “legitimate frustration” of Occupy Wall Street protesters in light of persistently high youth unemployment … “It really is a Wall Street proposal,” he told reporters prior to flying to France for key G20 meetings on the global economy. “In Canada we have a progressive income tax and it favours people with lower incomes who are vulnerable, quite frankly, in Canadian society. Our tax system is clearly progressive. Having said that I see a point that income distribution is important and that there is a concern that a very, very small group of people have very large incomes.”

While the present circumstance may not be as dramatic, income inequality is reported to be growing at a faster pace in Canada.


Is Jim Flaherty a hippie?

  1. Oh thanx for THAT image….Diamond Jim in long hair, an earring, ripped T and jeans sporting ‘Jesus boots’.  LOL

    However he is still attributing demands to the ‘occupiers’ they haven’t made.

    It’s not about ‘youth unemployment’, or taxation, but I suppose for him it’s hard to think outside the box.

    As to the RFK reference, maybe he’s getting soft in his old age?

  2. Must be polling.  The Republicans totally put them down in the debate the other night and within 24 hours they were agreeing with them.  Amazing turnaround. 

  3. “Is Jim Flaherty a hippie”?

    Quick! Someone ask hin if he still feels the homeless are better off in jail…

    …could it be we have yet another entrant into the NDP leadership race? Who’s next? Kevin O’Leary?

  4. Catholics and their ‘love sinner, hate sin’ nonsense has lead to North America’s ruination since Kennedy was President. Many Catholics are motivated to help downtrodden which is terrific with private charities but disastrous in public service. Canada needs to return its roots of Protestant work ethic.

    Catholics are basically socialists even tho many vote Cons – all Catholics are dirty hippies nowadays, they just dress differently. 

    FinPost ~ Pursuit Of One’s Trade:

    Brian Lee Crowley’s bestselling 2009 book Fearful Symmetry points out that U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, which Judge Lamer characterized as virtually rescuing the United States from its “controversial” history of economic liberty, was denounced by the Liberal premier of Quebec, Louis-Alexandre Taschereau, as “a socialistic venture bordering on communism.” Other Canadian politicians and opinion-makers of the New Deal era likewise deplored the idea of social programs, preferring to foster the traditional culture of individual self-reliance.

    Laissez-faire, far from being alien to the Canadian scene, was actually the predominant philosophy for most of the country’s first century.

    • Private charities are a *hugely* inefficient means of distributing resources to those who need them.

      1.  Most private charities are too small to get any real benefit of economies of scale.
      2.  Even the largest charities don’t hold a candle to broad-based public taxation for the benefit to the public good vs the cost to the private individual
      3.  Private charities provide a competitive disadvantage to those who are charitable vs. those who are not — something taxation does not do — and something that is not sustainable if scaled over the long term.
      4.  Donations to charity are far more likely to go to a cause celebre in the news rather than to the boring, everyday support of people in need.
      5.  Multiple charities often compete with each other to serve the same area, thus causing not only a splintering of the resources available (further weakening the economies of scale) but also causing increased waste of those resources due to duplication of work and overhead.

    • So the road to ruin was caused by Kennedy but was preceded by the New Deal. I know what a stickler you are about causation, maybe you need to tidy up the timeline on this.

      • The post this was a response to seems to have vanished.  Probably spontaneous combustion…

  5. Wrong rainbow.

    • Flaherty is pro-gay too?

      • Let’s just say he’ll give you three wishes.

  6. I swear this is the LAST TIME I click on one of your posts. Seriously. The man writes/delivers a pretty damn good speech, and this is what you got from it?

    Why do you still have a job on a “national” magazine?

    • a) not everyone drinks koolaid

      b) we have free speech in Canada.

  7. Smart move to try to head off protests in Canada and differentiate themselves from American conservatives.  Income inequality here is high and rising, though, and the Conservatives have spent the last few years lowering corporate taxes (19% in 2009 to 15% in 2012).

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