Is Nathan Cullen out of order?


The Justice Department doesn’t think Nathan Cullen’s request to address the joint review panel considering the Northern Gateway pipeline is in order.

Here is Mr. Cullen’s letter outlining his request. Here is the letter from the Justice Department outlining its objections. And here is Mr. Cullen’s response to the Justice Department’s objections. And here is the website for the Northern Gateway review panel.

Update 6:27pm. Joe Oliver’s office passes along a statement from the Natural Resources Minister.

“The Joint Review Panel independently makes all decisions respecting its proceedings. Our officials will answer any questions that the independent panel deems relevant. Nathan Cullen is seeking to politicize the work of the panel instead of waiting to hear the independent experts report.”


Is Nathan Cullen out of order?

  1. Not content with deciding who may attend or address these hearings it seems the govt now wants to decide what questions are appropriate.

    Regardless of how such rulings are parsed the Harper govt has long since lost the PR battle over whether these hearings are rigged in favour of a positive outcome for proponents of the pipeline – in BC at least. Give it up Enbridge. None of the pipeline’s opponents or critics will now accept a green light…roll out the blockades and lawyer up. A balls up from beginning to end in my not so humble opinion. Who would have thought the Harper crowd would be so ham fisted in their own western backyard? The pipeline is already dead meat. They just have to read a few words over it. And it wont be all down to radical enviros and stroppy natives either. This is Harper’s f**k up from beginning to end.

  2. The problem with most developments in Canada, not just this one, but pretty much every federal or provincial mega-project, is that the governments that are supposed to be assessing the projects and deciding on evidence are almost always de facto co-proponents. This federal government is just more obvious about it than some.
    To serve that pre-determined government position, departments often seek to narrow the scope of their inquiries, and the Justice Department’s fallback position is that it’s solely the government’s responsibility to assess environmental risk and that no one else can intervene even if the government isn’t doing the job.
    In other words: Go Nathan!

  3. Of course he is out of order. In the same way that Pussy Riot was out of order. Why it’s tantamount to lese majesty to question what our revered leader is doing.

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