Is 'omnibus' a bad word now? -

Is ‘omnibus’ a bad word now?


A recent poll from Forum Research.

‘Do you agree or disagree the government should be permitted to bundle many different types of legislation under one Omnibus Budget Bill?’

Agree 14%
Disagree 64%
Don’t know 22% 

Within that sample, only 33% of Conservative supporters agreed that government’s should be permitted to use omnibus budget bills.

The significant development here, if there is one, would be that the very idea of an omnibus bill could be taking on negative connotations in the general public. Arguably that’s already happened with prorogation.


Is ‘omnibus’ a bad word now?

  1. Unsurprising. The challenge for Opposition Parties is to outline what they’d do differently.

    • How about pass legislation one bill at a time like governments normally do?

    • They just have to wave the banner of righteousness and promise to properly separate bills.

      Like the Harper promise of transparency and accountability, it can then be ignored while vigorously declaring the previous government was worse.