Israel, Palestine and Brian Topp -

Israel, Palestine and Brian Topp


A day after laying out his position on the Keystone pipeline, the NDP leadership contender lectures the Prime Minister on Middle East policy.

We can be friends of the friends of peace, on both sides. In stark contrast to the policy of the Harper government, which currently aims in the opposite direction. Which brings us to the question of the recognition of Palestine in some form by the United Nations.

The details will matter. Perhaps the Palestinians will overplay their hand at the United Nations in coming weeks or months, and make it impossible to help them – not for the first time.

But on the fundamental issue of recognition of a Palestinian state, as a step towards a peace in which both it and Israel live free from terror and violence, in recognized borders and at peace with all of their neighbors, it would be right for Canada to stand with most of the world. And to recognize Palestine.


Israel, Palestine and Brian Topp

  1. This would be the position of most Canadians on Palestine, so of course Harper is doing the opposite.

    • You must REALLY dislike Obama then, huh?

      • Obama is trolling for votes, same as Harper

        Both countries stand behind the 2 state solution officially.

    • What’s your evidence for thinking that, exactly? “Extrapolating from what my friends and I believe,” n.b., is not a valid answer.

      • That has always been Canada’s position on it…only Harper is the maverick.

        And officially we are still for a two state solution.

  2. Twee nonsense from Topp.

    Hamas, Israel and America, all important players in this process, don’t want UN to recognize Palestine. Governments around world are trying to force settlement that many Palestinians and Israelis don’t support.

  3. Well, it’s good to see that all the Mulcair worriers out there continue to
    mutter their noble concerns about unfair exposure… er, …

  4. Topp is out to lunch. Layton had figured out how to sound like a moderate, Topp doesn’t even appear to be trying to do that.

  5. At long last Canada has a government rightfully behind Israel, but there are always some naysayers who seem to think the Palestinians are just innocent babes in the woods here. The Palestinians don’t have a state today because they have rejected peace deal after peace deal..first Clinton and Rabin’s offer, then Barak’s offer, then Olmert’s offer, and NO from the Palestinians on all of them. Why? I suppose because they didn’t get the 110% of their demands. Or perhaps because their leadership can’t actually deliver anything. Not to mention that Gaza can never be part of a state on the West Bank. This isn’t about Israeli settlements….it is well clear that Israel is keeping all the settlement blocks around Jerusalem, but about Palestinian intransigence. HOORAH for Harper seeing things they way they actually are!

    • Perhaps it’s because Israel was a state invented by the UN and dumped on Palestinian land?

      History, you know.

      • The point I was about to make.  Technically, it was the League of Nations, as the UN wasn’t quite in existence yet, but that’s quibbling.

         At the end of WWII, European Jews had the choice of staying in Europe and starving to death, because no country was willing to reverse Hitler’s policies against them, or moving to their “ancestral” homeland that had been occupied by the Palestinians for the better part of two millennia, who, oddly enough, regarded it as “home.”

        Although the legal status of the “Mandate of Palestine” was in a bit of international legal limbo due to nobody wanting to fill in the power vacuum after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and European Jews had been moving back for a century and getting along fine with the Palestinians until the Europeans got involved.

        • Agreed.

          I used ‘UN’ rather than ‘League of Nations’ since few people seem to remember history any more, and the world needs to be plain about this.

          Nakba occurred in 1948…and 63 years later this still isn’t resolved.

        • ” European Jews had the choice of staying in Europe and starving to death …. had been occupied by the Palestinians for the better part of two millennia, who, oddly enough, regarded it as “home.” 

          Wall St Journal ~ Mufti of Berlin:

          “One widespread myth about the Mideast conflict is that the Arabs are paying the price for Germany’s sins. The notion that the Palestinians are the “second victims” of the Holocaust contains two falsehoods: It suggests that without Auschwitz, there would be no justification for Israel, ignoring 3,000 years of Jewish history in the land. 

          It also suggests Arab innocence in German crimes, ignoring especially the fascist past of Palestinian leader Haj Amin al Husseini, who was not only Grand Mufti of Jerusalem but also Waffen SS recruiter and Nazi propagandist in Berlin.”

        • “…or moving to their “ancestral” homeland that had been occupied by the Palestinians for the better part of two millennia”

          Pretty sure there have been a fair number of Jews in Palestine for at least the same two millennia as the Palestinians, if the Gospels are to be believed.

          “…and European Jews had been moving back for a century and getting along fine with the Palestinians until the Europeans got involved.”

          Which is of what relevance in the current circumstances exactly?

          • If you believe the bible, Israelis attacked Canaan on God’s say-so….that was Palestine.

          • Well, it is a safe assumption you don’t.  Thankfully, there’s ample archaeological evidence that the Jews have populated the region at least as long as the Palestinians.

            Not that the Palestinians themselves have ever based their claims to the lands on an assertion that they have occupied them longer than the Jews.  In fact, their primary arguments in support of their claim to Jerusalem derive from certain events that occurred at least a millennium after Jerusalem became the centre of Jewish culture.

          • @GreatWallsofFire 

            Of course I don’t….and all archaelogicial findings show the old testament to be a collection of fairy tales.

            They are all semitic people, and all come from the same area….however there is no reason for Israel to claim it all.

          • “…however there is no reason for Israel to claim it all”

            Which presumably is why they don’t.

          • @GreatWallsofFire

            Actually that’s exactly what they are doing….which is what the fighting is all about.

            Where have YOU been?

          • If Israel wanted to “claim it all”, as you assert, what’s stopping them?  They’ve got the military might to do it even without using their nuclear arsenal and it would be hard to envision anything they do producing more international condemnation of them than already exists.

            And if their hunger for territory is as rapacious as you seem to think it is, why didn’t they keep the Sinai?  Or the Golan Heights?  or southern Lebanon?

          • @GreatWallsofFire 

            That’s the problem the Israelis face….they either commit to genocide, or they commit to peace.

            Since they can’t do either, they settle for nibbling away at Palestine bit by bit.

      • “History, you know.”

        I always find it astonishing how proud you are of your ignorance, Colbert Report.

        Thanks for laugh, once again. 

        Frontpage ~ Confronting the Anti Israeli Jihad On Campus: 

        Israel was not created on any land that belonged to Arabs, let alone “Palestinians.” Israel was created on land that belonged to the Turks for 400 years before the birth of the Jewish State. Four hundred years is longer than America has been in existence. 

        The Arab claim has less justification than the claim of the Iroquois to New York. If one is going to roll back the map 400 years, why not 1,000 or 2,000? The land that is Israel today was owned by the Turks and the Turks are not Arabs, and certainly not Palestinians.

        • Palestine has existed since the year dot…whatever nonsense they’re spouting on campus.

  6. Forget Brian Topp – I want to hear what Libby has to say.

    • Oh, that would be fun. Radioactive, thankfully, but fun to watch.