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‘It is a tax because it will raise costs’


In protesting the NDP’s cap-and-trade proposal, Vic Toews adds to the definition of a tax.

They can call it whatever they want, but the NDP plan to make carbon a commodity will raise prices on consumer costs for Canadians. It is a tax because it will raise costs.

The Conservatives have already posited that “carbon pricing in any form is a carbon tax,” which would seem to cover the cap-and-trade and carbon-pricing policies they used to advocate for. But if anything that increases costs is also a tax, then seemingly even the Harper government’s current regulatory approach could be described as a tax.


‘It is a tax because it will raise costs’

  1. Vic Toews is a tax.

  2. MPs are taxes because all they do is raise our costs.

  3. The NDP plan to make Carbon a commodity? Well, wake up to science. Wake up to economics.

    Carbon is an element, It can be grown, mined, manufactured, traded, and put into things we buy and use. It is already a commodity. the carbon we need to put a price on, is the carbon we throw away.

    Charging companies fees to cut trees is a tax. Recycling paper is therefore a tax.

  4. ……….still waiting for some clarification on what a future NDP government would do about taxes on the oil industry and how that would affect our cost of living.

    • It’s good to see someone who waits to get all the facts before making a decision. You should be congratulated on your open mind.

      • Thanks—much like most Canadians I have the thought process that allows me to imagine what an alternative government would look like, rather than wait until the disaster happens.

        • Ah, so you aren’t waiting for any clarification. Glad that’s clarified.

  5. Cap-n-trade has failed miserably in Europe. Massive fraud. Europe (and Asia) is burning record amounts of Obama’s coal because global natural gas prices are tied to the price of oil, and the war on oil pipeline infrastructure in North America is leading to world oil (and hence natural gas prices) that are much higher than they would have to be, because the high natural gas prices make Obama’s coal extremely attractive.

    Heck, Buffett bought a railroad to profit off of the Obama coal boom, and the ongoing oil-by-rail boom because of the war on oil pipelines. Bill Ackman and Pershing Square led an activist takeover of CP Rail to capitalize on the coal and oil-by-rail boom, because the Canadian dummies (John Manley, John Cleghorn) running the company were so clueless.

    So the NDP’s and Wherry’s phony farce is really just a distraction from the real issue. The war on oil pipeline infrastructure is causing a coal renaissance worldwide, and hastening the demise on the planet.

    • Riiight. Why don’t you tell us which pipelines didn’t get built due to the “war on oil pipeline infrastructure”.

      Never mind your laughable claim that getting 3% of world oil production to world markets will result not so much in the price of that 3% rising to world prices, but the price of the 97% dropping into line with the 3%.

  6. Earth to Toews: It’s only a tax if the money ends up as some sort of government revenue. Is it a tax when a monopoly owns the marketplace for a particular product or service and overcharges customers through the nose? No.

  7. By Vic’s reasoning would an interest rate hike be a tax on real estate?