‘It is distressing’


Canadian Press lays out new details of the mess that has now culminated in Bill Kuebler’s dismissal.

The chief defence counsel at Guantanamo, Air Force Col. Peter Masciola, ordered Kuebler’s removal Friday in order to pursue “client-centred representation,” according to a statement from his office.

“The team representing Omar Khadr had become dysfunctional,” Masciola said in an interview. He said he could not elaborate because of privacy concerns and attorney-client privilege.

A source who asked not to be named said Saturday that Masciola had concluded that Kuebler was “a divisive figure on the military team and failed to act in best interests of Khadr.”

Strangely, a source close to the defence team disagrees. Lawrence Cannon’s office says they’re looking into the matter. Miss Universe was unavailable for comment.


‘It is distressing’

  1. Who is this “A. Source” fellow and why is everybody quoting him?

  2. I second the above. The CP story feels honest and legitimate, but with the accusations of impropriety and personality conflict flying every which way it makes it really hard to place the quotations in context, especially as a few of them seem strangely contradictory.

    Given that privacy regulations have been invoked and nobody will flame one another in the open, is there any benefit to repeating vague and unanswerable charges of someone’s being “manipulative”? Shouldn’t the bar for anonymous sources be a bit higher than this?

  3. Oh hush you two. Facts are bad business.

  4. I think it’s (probably) outrageous, because the one thing we do know is that Omar Khadr didn’t fire him. Mind you, a kid as confused as I presume Omar is may well listen to anyone with a forceful personality, whether that someone is working his own agenda or not, hence the fudging my bets.

    But could this not turn out to be the best thing to happen to Omar? The Canadian government, according to the CP story, “would insist Khadr had access to competent counsel of his own choice.” All Khadr has to do is insist on Kuebler. Then, once the Pentagon refuses, the Canadian government would have to repatriate him, wouldn’t they?

    Oh right, unless they come up with some explanation that ‘insisting’ really means gently suggesting, then saying they never said ‘insisting’ and so on.

    • Or unless “of his own choice” was interpreted sensibly so as to exclude practical impossibilities. Fairy-tale logic traps don’t really enter into it.

  5. The very fact that someone other than Khadr can decide to remove his counsel means that his right to retain and instruct counsel has not been upheld. All the competent governments have requested repatriation of their citizens because they know due process isn’t available at Guantanamo. What is Canada waiting for?

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