'It is essentially a form of parliamentary insanity' - Macleans.ca

‘It is essentially a form of parliamentary insanity’


Elizabeth May’s speech yesterday on C-45, the second budget implementation bill.


‘It is essentially a form of parliamentary insanity’

  1. Wow.
    I can’t help but wonder if any of the more thoughtful MPs in the government backbenches quietly struggle with the issues she raises.

    It’s no wonder she is Parliamentarian of the year.

    • Would have to agree with you.

    • What thoughtful MPs in the government backbenches?

    • An engaging and gifted orator that can make a great speech without reading every word from a carefully prepared script. This one was high in content and low on rhetoric, praising some conservative initiatives and deploring others. I’m so impressed.

      If only there more Elizabeth Mays and fewer Pierre Poilievres in the House, more Canadians might vote in elections. The 29% voter turnout in the closely contested Calgary Centre by-election is so sad. Canadians just don’t care anymore.

  2. Perhaps if our major broadcasters aired more serious speeches such as this (from any party), rather than the Question Period circus, the level of political debate in this country could be elevated.

  3. Best Opposition MP, period. The Liberals would do well to seek a merger with the Greens – and encourage May to take a run at the leadership. We’d soon see if Trudeau really has the chops to be leader if he had to match May on policy and debating skills…

  4. Insightful and incisive.

    It’s a rather sad state of affairs when the government of the day is too petulant and arrogant (sorry, hollinm, I appropriated the word you reserve for Liberals) to listen to reasoned criticism of their agenda from the benches of the opposition.

  5. Lizzie May is great. A one woman band tirelessly struggling to uphold parliamentary tradition and decency.

    Her speech from the perspective of a typical tory backbencher:

    ‘Oh lord not her again…

    Someone hand me my ear plugs quickly….ahhhh…blah blah blah blah blah…navigable water…blah blah …protection…blah blah…act..blah blah…form of…blah …insanity…blah…

    …at least she got that right…is it over yet?’

  6. Yup, I wanna listen to some more. I, too, find it important to protect my canoe from going wherever it wants to go………….my, my, what a find!

    Oh, and then there is this one: “C-45 is not about the economy. It is not about jobs. Oh, but wait a minute, it is about jobs, job losses in fact……”

    Sorry folks, but I agree with Keith Beardsley on this one: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/11/29/keith-beardsley-question-period-snoozefests-demonstrate-opposition-ineffectiveness/

    Opposition: get your act together!

    • “I, too, find it important to protect my canoe from going wherever it wants to go…”

      You’ve managed to trivialize one brief comment she made while evidently ignoring about nine and and a half minutes of her speech.

      Your critique would be far more persuasive if you actually, you know, addressed some of her points. Or is that too big a challenge for you?

      • No, it wouldn’t be a challenge for me but why bother when it seems to be a challenge for Ms.May to put something of substance together. Within the video Ms.May seems to be lost in the wilderness hoping that the sacred topic of canoes can pull her out.

        Good grief. As if Canadians are worried to death about navigating their canoes when jobs is what they have on their mind.

        But hey, if you folks are so convinced that Ms.May can score political points by doing what she’s doing in the video, I would suggest you play the video at every opportunity and find out how much her support will increase. It’s a free world.

        • Francien, in short: it’s too big a challenge; it’s easier for me to cherry-pick the little snippets that I can actually understand and then mock them. I know the word “canoe”, let’s run with that.