‘It is in the interests of Parliament and the Canadian public’


In his continuing quest for disclosure of budget cuts, the Parliamentary Budget Officer delivers a legal opinion to the government.

As foreshadowed in my letter, I sought legal advice on the issue. Attached is an opinion outlining reasons why the information that was requested falls within the power of direct request; the information is financial or economic data, in the possession of department heads, necessary for discharging the PBO’s mandate, and not subject to any of the statutory exemptions listed. As such, the information should have been provided as requested, and both your department and the other departments that have not complied are in violation of their legal obligations under the Act.


‘It is in the interests of Parliament and the Canadian public’

  1. There is no way the cons are going to let the PBO survive the rest of their majority mandate – at least not with Kevin Page (or anyone else who actually does a credible job as an auditor) at the helm. This office will be axed entirely, or Page will be let go and the PBO will be staffed with bootlickers.

    • Fixed: “There is no way Stephen Harper is going to let the PBO survive…”

    • heck, the hundreds of unread pages of C-38 might already have found a way to neuter the office.

  2. Kevin Page clearly didn’t get the same letter as Parks Canada staff.

  3. Do you think Harper ever regrets creating the P.B.O. and then appointing Kevin Page? Ironic , he is doing his job, unlike Ethics , Integrity appointees .

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