It is not a cutting exercise, except that it was


Jim Flaherty, the other day. “This budget is not about reducing or cutting spending … This is not a cutting exercise. We are in extraordinary times. It calls for some extraordinary thinking.”

Jim Flaherty, Nov. 27. “We cannot ask Canadians to tighten their belts during tougher times without looking in the mirror. Canadians have a right to look to government as an example. We have a responsibility to show restraint and respect for their money. Canadians’ tax dollars are precious. They must not be spent frivolously or without regard to where they came from.”

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It is not a cutting exercise, except that it was

  1. I have been waiting for you to do this example, Aaron. I assumed you would be all over it the other day when Flaherty said that.

    And for once, I agree with one of your compare/contrast posts. Flaherty and his boss are a disgrace to Canadian cons everywhere and I hope they pay dearly come the next election. Why should Canadians in the private sector have to tighten their belts while political parties and public servants continue to behave like pigs at the trough. I guess Flaherty has decided my tax dollars aren’t precious anymore.

  2. But this fits into their whole ‘babbling moron’ meme of it isn’t a recession, it’s a depression, we respect the wishes of the electorate, it’s a coup de tat, you’re panicking Stephane but in once elected i’ll copy your ideas, we want to work with the opposition, right after we pillage their ability to function…
    Apparently, all this gov’t needs is some good medication and a straight jacket.

  3. Just what did the GG SAY! to SH?

  4. I’m not sure whether we should be castigating Flaherty for reversing his position on the cutting vs. spending issue. Maybe we should be commending him for a rational response to changing circumstances: the worsening global economic crisis and the radically different political situation.

    No matter what he does, he’s going to be criticized. So maybe it’s better to criticize him for his inconsistency, as opposed to criticizing him for his stubborn obstinancy, had he not changed positions.

    I’m no Flaherty apologist, but maybe we can cut him some slack just this once.

    • Indeed. Absolutely not a single person saw this coming.


      • Not a single person… other than Flaherty, of course, who was precognizant enough to slash the GST by 2% looong in advance of the recession.

        • …when it made no difference. As opposed to doing it now, when it *would* make a difference. Brilliant.