It takes a swear word


Speaking with reporters after QP this morning, Pat Martin claims a kind of victory.

I think it’s great that Canadians are engaged in a subject like the integrity of their Parliamentary democracy.  I’ve never seen so many people talking about the value of Parliament since the Charlottetown Accord … I think it’s great that Canadians are engaged in a subject like the integrity of their Parliamentary democracy.  I’ve never seen so many people talking about the value of Parliament since the Charlottetown Accord…

It’s a very fragile balance. The whole institution of Parliament is a very fragile construct.  Both players have to stipulate themselves to a set of rules to make it work. The Conservatives have to cooperate and consult and to accommodate the legitimate concerns of Opposition or it’s going to go up like a tinderbox. We have to keep a lid on it because it is worth fighting for. Sometimes civility is sacrificed but today this is a very heated debate. We’re dealing with closure yet again in the Canadian Wheat Board.  Emotions are going to rise unless the Conservatives back off and cooperate a little bit.


It takes a swear word

  1. Yes, it drew attention to the topic like nothing else could.

    • You mean attention that was already there? The only reason the media actually covered this was to fold it in to their on current narrative about the debate caping. You would not believe how hard it was to not all caps some of the more obvious aspects of that. VERY HARD!

      • It  would have been better to explain what ‘debate caping’ is supposed to be.

        • It’s the Tory pratice of setting end of debate times in order to speedily push through bills, with out too much debate in the House and in Comittee. It’s also the thing that Martin seems to be suggesting that the media was not reporting on nearly every day until he started to use the F word.

          • Oh, you mean the Con distain for democracy….why didn’t you say so?

          • Well that’s actually not what I mean, and I called it debate caping because (minus any spelling mistakes on my part) that’s the name that the phenonom Martin was swearing about was given by the press for the last few months now. I assumed if you were taling about the “topic” you would know what debate caping was because that is the topic.

          • @1d1fe9e4b162b3779acbaa51adc432e8:disqus 

            Oh you mean Con disdain for democracy and debate closure.

            You should have said so

          • Ok, if that’s what you want to call it. Doesn’t change the fact that Martin didn’t draw any real attention to the issue.

          • @1d1fe9e4b162b3779acbaa51adc432e8:disqus 

            Well…you’re still talking about it.

          • Not about the issue itself though, but about Martin’s spin on it. Argueably Martin has done more to distract from debate capping. After all, instead of an article of Wherry quoting media or parliamentarians on debate capping we have an article that has Martin vaguely saluting himself.

  2. Is Martin repeating himself in the first paragraph or is it your oopsie Aaron?

  3. He seems to be suggesting that his swearing on twitter is on par with a nation wide debate on changing the constitution. If that’s the case, then Martin’s either amazingly obnoxious or not very good at ‘spin’

    • He’s not saying that at all. Have another read.

      • Eh, I’ll be honest Martin’s behaviour in the past has biased me to assume that he’s allways saying the most absurd and obnoxious things, because he often actually is.

        • There is some pretty stiff competition in the ‘absurd and obnoxious’ group.

          • I agree but something about the way Martin and his cohort Agnus go about it just rubs me the wrong way. They make being right akin to kicking babies, and when their wrong… just awful.

          • Whether you like Martin or not, is beside the point.  His stunt brought attention to the issue in a way the media coverage,  until then,  hadn’t. 

        • Uh… you know that’s not a healthy approach, right? Did you read what he actually said?

          • I read what he said in the article above, as Wherry didn’t provide any links I can’t comment on the full remark. Normally I’d just google it, but this being a comment made during a post QP scrum its would be crazy hard to find, not filtered through the media. Even the normally great Cpac cut these comments for time or what have you on their websites.

  4. Could someone provide me with a little background on this whole debate capping thing? I am shamefully ignorant on the subject and would like to change that. eve. If you could link to other sources for me to read that would be awesome.

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