ITQ on CBC: How twitter and liveblogging won't just not destroy, but may actually save journalism! -

ITQ on CBC: How twitter and liveblogging won’t just not destroy, but may actually save journalism!


No, really. Okay, maybe not twitter — at least, not til there’s a decent, free, non-memory-hogging berryclient that will let you sort and filter and stuff. (Right about now, Colleague McGregor’s head is exploding, I can feel the vibrations from here.)

Anyway, if you want to hear your intrepid liveblogger debate Senator Jim Munson on the pros and cons of nearly-realtime journalism, click here for the audio file, courtesy of CBC Ottawa Morning.


ITQ on CBC: How twitter and liveblogging won’t just not destroy, but may actually save journalism!

  1. I thought Real Player was dead. Shame on you CBC! Shame!

    Can't listen :( and I will not install Real player.

  2. I have been following some of the OB trial coverage from Mr McGregor and I must say I find the Twitter format lacking. No slight to Mr.G but the small snippets of info seem rather cumbersome where a complete thought might take two or three entries. And one has to go back several pages to find the start of the current days proceedings.

    It would be interesting to see what ITQ could do with twitter for comparison but I think the live blog format here is easier to follow. Also no comments with twitter and thats half the fun.

    Of course if the IT shamen could make the comments section here a little more flexible ( user selected comment order, comment preview and editing) it would be much appreciated.

  3. Wonderful to have your thoughts on your craft, ITQ.

    I didn't think your interlocutors quite knew what they were talking about — equating liveblogging and twittering, for example, or suggesting that liveblogging is all about getting the news out quickly, "no time for analytic response," "it's all about transparency," etc. Au contraire, it seems to me you're pioneering a whole new form of journalism in Canada which combines information, promptitude, and analysis, as you mention at one point.

  4. "won't just not destroy, but may actually save journalism!"

    Sadly, whoever wrote this headline is doing their best to destroy it. One of the most unreadable healines I've seen in some time. Well done.

  5. To the earlier commenter, use Real Alternative perhaps? I haven't in a few years, but it used to work.

  6. You're right, that was pretty dreadful. My only excuse, sadly, is that I was dashing off to QP. I'd fix it, but then I wouldn't be reminded of my shame, so it can stand as an ironic testament. For the record, I'm very keen on not destroying journalism. Promise.

  7. My security system asked me if I wanted to block it, etc. I didn't reply but I heard most of it until I had to cancel when I rec'd a tel call. Am rather dense about tech thingies as my husband is in IT (servers) etc. and he sets up everything on my PC. No problems so far. I'll listen to it again. Kady rocks.

  8. Totally agree. That twitter stuff is next to worthless. Or, maybe we are more interested in the subject matter than regular twits. I don't think there's a real comparison between Kady's liveblogging and twittering.

  9. I agree with this, too. Somewhat almost condescending, really, regarding twittering and liveblogging–which I've already said should not be lumped together.

    But I do have to laugh, "no time for analytic response," isn't that just another way of saying "put a spin on it?" Isn't that what many of us have been complaining about with regular news coverage?

    So, Kady, I think Jack is right. You are bigger and better than maybe you realize.

  10. Fair enough. Sometimes, the best statues are the ones where the guy has an extra finger.

    As to dashing off to QP? Well, sadly for my social life, that sounds pretty damn exciting.

    All i get to do today is hang out at a house subcommittee meeting. Hey, work is work, no?

  11. Food safety or human rights?

  12. It was the always exciting food safety portfolio…I love Ottawa in the spring, though i should have packed an umbrella…