“It’s a stunning oversight, if one assumes that Stephen Harper was sincere…”


Michael Petrou asks an important question: Wouldn’t the Canadian government want to hear from a cooperative witness to the beating death of Zahra Kazemi?

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“It’s a stunning oversight, if one assumes that Stephen Harper was sincere…”

  1. There is more than one oversight here. This is shocking. Either the government is willfully ignoring this issue or Foreign Affairs is grossly incompetent. I really hope this issue gets some traction and coverage in other media.

  2. John D — You messed one — ‘or this government is grossly incompetent’ — which is a real possibility.

  3. John DE — Uh, sorry, I meant — you ‘missed’ one.

  4. The Kazemi case was nothing more than another tool that Harper and the rightwing sleaze machine used to bludgeon the Liberals. So it’s not the least bit surprising that they’d want to avoid having it resurface because then they’d have to actually deal with it.

  5. Archangel, I was trying to be as non-partisan as possible, but it’s difficult on an issue like this. I can’t see how, politics aside, any decent person would not want to act on this. Is there something we don’t know or is it truly just incompetence? Most political coverage for the next year or so will focus on economic issues, but a government that can’t stand up for its people and demand justice frightens me more than a deficit.

  6. “We want to make it absolutely clear that the government of Canada has not dropped this matter”

    Time for Mr. Harper to follow through. Indeed, this is an opportunity for all parties to work together.

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