It's all fun and games until someone demands an answer -

It’s all fun and games until someone demands an answer


John Allemang profiles Terry Milewski.

“I happen to think that Canadians can be a little too complacent and pacific,” says Mr. Milewski, the lone-wolf outsider slotted in among the power-lunchers at Hy’s Steakhouse. “Our job as reporters is not to meekly accept whatever answer we’re given, but to challenge and provoke and press.”

Mr. Milewski was, somewhat famously, shouted down by Conservative partisans during a media availability with the Prime Minister during the last campaign. He has since been singled out for not showing proper deference to Mr. Harper.

Fans of irony will note that a decade ago it was Conservative MPs—including Stephen Harper—who rallied to Mr. Milewski’s cause when the CBC journalist was hounding Jean Chretien.



It’s all fun and games until someone demands an answer

  1. The lone-wolf outsider? Milewski works for CBC, he’s about as Corp or Statist or Elitist as you can be. Milewski is not an outsider, he’s as inside as can be. Milewski is so far up his own arse, you can’t tell if he’s farting or speaking.

    I read Charlie Brooker column yesterday and, while the details are different, could easily apply to our political culture here in Canada. 

    I agree 100% with Brooker that it “….. symbolises everything that’s wrong with everything.”

    “By now, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the video of Ed Miliband using almost precisely the same words over and over again in an interview. If you haven’t, it’s well worth seeking out. The reporter asks him five different questions about the public sector strikes, and every time ….. He repeats identical phrases ad nauseam. It sounds like an interview with a satnav stuck on a roundabout.

    What this tells you is that many people working in TV news have grown so accustomed to seeing tapes in which politicians blankly replicate a single phrase as if they’re summoning Candyman, it no longer strikes them as unusual.

    But it is unusual: bloody unusual. You might say it symbolises everything that’s wrong with everything. The modern world suffers from a cavernous reality deficit. You know it, I know it. 

    Even “they” know it. Reciting the same line over and over like a Countryfile presenter practising a piece to camera, Miliband must have felt twice as mad as Green. Two men locked in a shared hallucination while the camera rolled.”

    • The article you link to roughly defines Mileski as an outsider.

    • “Milewski works for CBC, he’s about as Corp or Statist or Elitist as you can be.”

      And this argument is about as empty and meaningless as one can be.

  2. Milewski only hounded Chretien because he a notorious Liberal hack. Oh, wait…

    We mustn’t challenge the conservative persecution complex. It is a vital part of their mythology. Everyone is out to get them, which is why they are the best funded, and received the most media endorsements by far.

      • Not at all what the article said, or what was posted.

  3. I did find Allemang’s piece deficient in one significant respect.  In connection with that APEC matter, Milewski got busted for having a very serious lapse in journalistic objectivity — he basically took sides with a source, and got caught.  That was in his email to Craig Jones (I believe), in which Milewski referred to the then-Liberal government of Jean Chretien as the “forces of darkness”.  Basically, Milewski was operating as an anti-government partisan — which is fine, as long as you don’t hold yourself out as a journalist, as Milewski does.

  4. Shouldn’t that be “infamously” shouted down?

  5. Whether or not Terry is left or right, he is a horrible reporter.