It’s all in the timing


Ask Geri Hall. Or Chris Warkentin.

The Conservative backbencher was sent up yesterday to offer another of these giddy denunciations of the Liberal leader. Here are the announcements that directly preceded and followed Warkentin’s remarks.

Mr. Michael Savage (Dartmouth—Cole Harbour, Lib.):  Mr. Speaker, today Nova Scotians mourn the passing of Michael Baker, who served in a number of provincial cabinet posts, most notably as minister of finance.

We have all been touched by cancer, we have all lost family or friends, but Michael Baker showed us that it does not have to take away our courage, our will or our ability to contribute to a better world.

We watched him continue his work and we marvelled at his strength as he refused to let cancer sideline him. In fact, by keeping his busy schedule and through his boundless energy, it can truly be said that he beat cancer even though it did in the end take his life.

Recently a new justice centre in his honour was opened in Bridgewater. The impact of his life goes far beyond bricks and mortar. His legacy will be his love of the law, his dedication to his community, his commitment to family and his courage through difficult times. He was a remarkable man.

We offer condolences to his family and we hope it finds comfort in the affection and respect that Michael Baker earned from Nova Scotians from across the province and from across the political spectrum. He has earned a special place in our history and in our hearts.

The Speaker: I wish to advise the House of the death last night of my predecessor, former Speaker of the House of Commons, the Hon. Gilbert Parent.


It’s all in the timing

  1. Hopefully they have both learned their lessons – Hall anyway!
    How does it work here? Is this a concerted plan, or do different mps pull random remarks of the day from a hat? What’s it for? How many Canadians watch, listen or even read these breathtakingly cutting and topical rants? What’s the plan Steve? I see, there’s no plan – yr simply letting yr fellow consevatives speak their minds at last! After all it’s what we wanted all along isn’t it?

  2. Yes, and Greg Kerr’s condolences for Michael Baker were immediately followed by Olivia Chow talking about Toronto streetcars! How gauche! Or not. Maybe it’s just parliamentary business as usual, and we can’t draw any conclusions from the order of the statements by members.

    • Dude, how can I get on the con payroll? Did you have to fill out an application and create a portfolio of excuses to use on message boards?

      • TO Liberal.

        I like your handle man. It’s pretty well describes the state of the federal Liberals who should be more properly named,

        The Liberal Party of Toronto.

        The two leading contenders were two Toronto Liberals who decided amongst themselves that a leadership race was uneccessary. A token francophone was included in the race for old times’ sake.

        Wherry and O’Malley’s blogs are infested with partisan Liberals with little of substance to add except for encouraging their media cheerleaders.

        • neat. TOLiberal criticizes the content of a post and you make fun of his name. You really aren’t getting the point are you?

  3. How do they stomach behaving in this way? I don’t think I could.

    • Why do LIbloggers whine so much?

      Aaron, they’re so mean to us! Aaron, Aaron please write about those bad Conservatives and how they’re so mean to Mr. Ignatieff. Whining didn’t get the Libs anywhere when Stephane did it and won’t get them anywhere if they try if again. Be men about it please.

      And Aaron, we know you’re enthralled with Mr. Ignatieff but you needed write about your man-crush several times a day.

      • Whining about whining. Do you not, Jarrid, see the irony?

        • Irony? I see the irony of your ongoing slavish support for the Liberal Party of Canada despite your contempt for its leader Michael Ignatieff.

          But then again, maybe it’s not irony. In your partisan blindness there’s not many principles you’re not prepared to abandon. Including the defense of theft and corruption during Adscam.

          So maybe it isn’t irony after all, it’s just the usual blind ideological stance that is your trademark. Iggy’s the leader of the party now, so Iggy I will worship and adore. At least being a partisan hack mustn’t be too taxing on the brain.

          • Slavish support eh Jarhead? Me thinks you don’t see the irony in your lameness. Perhaps if you hadn’t kvetched in your pants during the Chretien era, all the while whining about poor Stock or poor Preston or poor Stephen’s treatment at the hands of Mr Shawinigan Neckthrottler, you’d have some currency on this issue. Yes, please continue lavishing praise on others about ‘blind ideological stances.’ Baby, it’s you.

          • dan in van – the paragon of non-partisanship has spoken.

          • Jarrid – don’t! Don’t beat yrself up like this!

      • actually I read Conservative blogs and Liberal blogs pretty much equally and it seems to me the Conservatives whine a lot more… Mainstream Media blah blah blah…

  4. Aaron:

    The same thing happened today when a Conservative backbencher launched an attack on the Liberals and Ignatieff over the seal hunt immediately after Ignatieff had made an emotional tribute to the three Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan yesterday.

    • Looks like you need a hankie there Devin.

  5. Aaron:

    Thank you for defending your hero Mr. Ignatieff from these awful Conservatives. Aren’t the Conservatives such horrible partisans? Thank you for exposing this partisan conduct, which is so unbecoming since the Liberals act only out of lofty motives and would never descend to partisan sniping.

    This would be so beneath the Liberals who’ve hired that shining beacon of all that is sweetness and light to lead their warroom next election, I’m talking of course of none other than Warren Kinsella. Mr. Kinsella is Mr. Ignatieff’s right-hand political media operative and his conduct like the conduct of all Liberals, is clearly beyond reproach because otherwise Aaron Weary and the rest of the media would be all over it like a dirty shirt,

    right Aaron?

    • Could you *be* any less sarcastic?

      • I think most of us, partisan hacks excluded, like to see balance from our media overlords.

        I suppose the journalism schools, like other educational institutions, continue to lower the bar and the proof is in the pudding/

    • It’s not that the Conservatives are too partisan. It’s that they’re nothing else. It’s all tactics, all the time.

      • Politics is nothing if not a partisan endeavour Dave, deal with it.

        I thought the knock on the Conservatives were that they were too ideological and “scary”, but a party obsessed with tactics, who knew”?

        I guess that’s the new Liberal/Main Stream Media meme.

  6. The usual garbage from a predictable source.

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