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‘It’s good to finally see one Conservative … actually take responsibility’

The NDP congratulates John Duncan


A statement from NDP Aboriginal Affairs critic Jean Crowder.

“After the last two weeks of witnessing the Prime Minister defend the entitlements of his Senators and his ministers’ conflicts of interest, it’s good to finally see one Conservative, Mr. Duncan, actually take responsibility for his actions.

“Conservatives have clearly been unable to get the job done on aboriginal issues. At this crucial time in First Nation, Métis and Inuit relations, the Prime minister must move quickly to replace Mr. Duncan with a full-time Minister – not someone who’s time is split between three ministries – who can help the Conservative government change direction and start building a more respectful nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations, Métis and Inuit.”

The official story seems to be that ministers were ordered to review their files after Jim Flaherty’s letter to the CRTC got the Finance Minister in trouble and that Mr. Duncan’s letter turned up as a result of that review. John Geddes explains why writing to the tax court was such a clear infraction.


‘It’s good to finally see one Conservative … actually take responsibility’

  1. john duncan didnt resign on his own,he(duncan) was given the orders to resign from the “bat cave”(harper).are the media and other politicains that gullible ? shouldnt the media keep reminding canadians about the follies of the harper goverment rather trying to help it cover up all these bungles(F35,deficet,senate,lost personal imfo),and the list goes on.

    • Apparently nobody ever taught you the proper use of a capital letter. Or how to spell. Or how to use an apostrophe properly.