It's hard out here for a comedian -

It’s hard out here for a comedian


After last week’s attempt at money-laundering humour, Peter Kent was mostly silent in Question Period yesterday, responding only to a question about Parks Canada. Three times the opposition asked about the Environment Minister’s use of the term “laundering” and three times it was National Revenue Minister Gail Shea who stood to respond.

Shortly before QP, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver pleaded innocence when asked about Mr. Kent’s comments.

“I haven’t used that term,” he said when asked whether he believes charities are essentially laundering money, “and I don’t believe people are being accused of criminal activity.”


It’s hard out here for a comedian

  1. Add Peter Kent’s name to the list of Conservative front line minister’s who screw up and then are not allowed to rise and answer questions pointedly directed at them.

    Tony Clement. Bev Oda. Peter Kent.

    How shameful it must be to work your way up to being a government minister, only to be told to ride the pines cause you can’t cut it – just make like a piece of furniture ,shut up and someone who can be trusted will handle this for you.

    Peter Kent must be soooooo proud right now. Avoid mirrors and maybe your self respect will come back – that is, if you ever had any

    • They say he spends his nights alone in a hotel off Sparks St. with a bottle of Grey Goose, endlessly watching a loop of his “The Journal” piece on global warming.

  2. IMO, Peter (the Shill) Kent has gone from authoritative purveyor of the nation’s news to mindless mouthpiece for Con cant.