It's his apology and he'll pout if he wants to -

It’s his apology and he’ll pout if he wants to


From the Globe’s story today about internal preparations for last year’s National Day of Apology.

Mr. Harper’s staff let it be known that they wanted the apology to take place in a room in Parliament’s Centre Block down the hall from the House of Commons.

“Advised that PM will not likely want to sit through opposition leader speeches or five [national aboriginal] leaders and other speeches,” Ms. Wilson wrote after meeting with Mr. Harper’s office.


It’s his apology and he’ll pout if he wants to

  1. Harper not wanting to sit though speeches from aboriginal leaders was *before* his life-changing moment revealed in old emails. Harper’s “personal transformation” only came on June 11th. Thank gawd it was the new Harper behind the financial update. Can you imagine what havoc the old Harper would have caused?

  2. Nice selective leak of emails there. This is just another attempt to make Harper more “human”, to go along with the sweater ads they tried running.

  3. So Harper was dragged kicking and screaming into the only success his government has had. Boy, history is not going to be kind to that man.

    • yes, but are tears enough? What if any action will follow?

  4. I don’t know, Scott T. The story is not very kind to Harper or his flacks. It could just be Indian Affairs trying to protect their budget from cutbacks.

    • How would enraging the PM do that?

  5. I just hope those Indian Affairs drones aren’t sending their kids to some Jewish schools or something… They’d be in for double-Harper rage-o-roni.

  6. I keep having to remind myself that Harper is older than I am. His learning curve is awfully long, it seems.

    I think Harper got distracted by Tom Flanagan’s ahistorical, unscientific, literally Maoist treatise on the past and future of First Nations people, that’s if I believe Harper’s changed at all.