It’s InterThingWebNet Day on the campaign trail, y’all!

  • CanWest News and the Toronto Sun are both reporting on the latest incarnation of notaleader.ca, courtesy of the Conservatives, whose leader recently – and presciently – predicted a “very nasty campaign.” Promise made, promise kept! (ITQ will admit to giggling at the “DionBook” – specifically, the wall post from The Ghost of Edward Blake. She’s such a geek.)
  • Meanwhile, the Liberals are launching not one but two new sites: This Is Dion, which isn’t yet online, but was teasered in today’s Globe. It will apparently depict the Liberal leader as a – gasp! – actual human being, who fishes and snowshoes and fights for national unity while simultaneously playing ball hockey. There’s also the Scandalpedia — insert spooky theme music here — which highlights some of the juicier controversies of the last two years of Conservative government, from the In and Out election financing scandal to the Bernier Affair, and will be updated just as often as the dark elves of the war room are able to do so.
  • Finally, your very own ITQ was on TVO’s The Agenda last night, talking about – of all things – online electioneering. The video should be up later today. See if you can point the exact moment at which I snap after hearing the words “citizen journalist” one too many times! (Disclaimer: Some of my favourite people are citizen journalists.)

And finally, courtesy of the entirely Web 2.0 compliant David Akin, a shot of ITQ in full liveblogger mode, standing on the wall outside 24 Sussex Drive last weekend:


It’s InterThingWebNet Day on the campaign trail, y’all!

  1. Kady:

    Saw you on Agenda and agree real journalists will not be supplanted by “citizen journalists” any time soon–maybe never. Seems to me most news bloggers get their stuff (or at least their inspiration) from real journalists anyway. (Not meant to imply there are no talented reporters and opinionators out there.)


    “See if you can point the exact moment at which I snap after hearing the words “citizen journalist” one too many times!”

    Was it near the end right after the man-whose-surname-I-cannot-pronounce predicted the end-of-days for your profession?

  2. I don’t get it. I thought you were talking about “citizen journalists,” but you linked to Stephen Taylor. Typo?

    The profound shame it made me feel for my country aside, my favourite part of DionBook is the attack on Ralph Goodale for being a career politician. A time-honoured and fair line of attack. I assume it also means the Tories are no longer fielding Pierre Poilivre as a candidate. Our long national nightmare is over!

  3. Oooooh! Oh what fun! Thanks for the links, Kady!

  4. WOW…that Scandalpedia looks so current and up-to-date; quoting Stockwell Day circa 2000.

    My suggestion: it would work better as an interactive game. At the final level the player discovers what happened to the missing $40 million from the sponsorshiop affairs.

    Bonus points if they offer the player a cut.

  5. Unfortunately the Liberals have institutionalized negative campaigning. Their “scary conservatives” campaigns in 2000,2004 and 2006 was as dishonest as it was negative. The Conservatives now play from the same playbook.

    How many times has Mr. nice guy Dion used the word liar and its derivatives and we haven’t even had 2 days campaigning yet. The Conservatives accused him of threatening to raise the GST, a legitimate point since Dion has criticized the Conservative policy of cutting the GST and the Liberals have a sorry record on saying one thing about the GST and doing another. He responds like someone’s attacked his ancestry as opposed to sticking to the debate. Maybe he thinks this will make him look like a leader or something.

  6. Thomas Friedman for Prime Minister!!!

    How is it that Thomas Friedman (New York Times and author of “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”) can appear on the Late Show with David Letterman promoting a carbon tax and pleading his government to implement economic strategies that would entice the market to invest in new “energy technologies” without needing the support of two websites to show he is a “human being” and a “competent leader”.

    Besides the Pulitzer prize and his past publications, Friedman shows his competency simply by talking about how to deal with climate change in a realistic way that reflects how the market works. He realizes that simply throwing money at the problem is problematic in its right. Friedman reacts to the question “what do you say to people who are against taxing carbon emissions”? by answering “i would prefer my energy consumption being taxed at home than abroad”. Simply, by taxing carbon here at home, we can help develop new energy technologies that will lessen our dependence on foreign energy supplies.

    Mr. Dion, if you can not seem to argue these points confident enough I highly suggest you bring on Thomas Friedman as a consultant before other parties catch on to this “innovative thinking” (sarcasm, not innovative or new at all)!

  7. Wrong Jarrid. Harper said that Dion had promised to repeal the GST cuts and the Child Benefit, which is false. Dion said he would ‘revisit the government decision’ back when they were passed, as he expressed his disapproval vs. other policy options.

    So Harper did in fact lie. Even the CON website only goes so far as to say he ‘mused’ about it, which is true enough. To say that he said he would do it is outright false.

  8. Yes, their scandals are bigger than our scandals! Their leader is even more negative than our leader!

    Sheesh. Way to lower that bar. I wonder why we will have our third minority government in four years…

  9. Andrew – this is a politcal debate. In order to deflect the Tory criticism, all Dion has to say is, “The Liberal Party of Canada will not raise the GST if I’m elected.” Is that so hard. Why can’t he say it? Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to make such a promise. That’s fair, but then the Tories will keep on hammering on it.

  10. My wife got a call from her sister last week, telling my wife that she has to vote Conservative in the election “because the Liberals will get rid of the child care tax credit”.

    I recognize the Liberals haven’t said that at all, but I have to commend the Conservatives for doing a better job of telling people what the Liberals will do than the Liberals do. It’s quite savvy — disappointing, yes, but savvy.

  11. Scott M

    People talking to one another was one of the topics the panel Kady was on last night covered (I thought you were excellent Kady. You should let us know about media appearances before, not after, you do them though).

    An american guest said that the internet basically allows everyone to disseminate their views much more quickly than in the past.

    The campaigns release dozens of short viral clips and then see where they scatter, who picks them up, sends them along to friends …etc. I thought it was a very interesting part of the panel discussion because I had never thought of it that way before.

  12. Jarrid:

    ““The Liberal Party of Canada will not raise the GST if I’m elected.” Is that so hard. Why can’t he say it?”

    He said that, yesterday. Several times in fact.

  13. You know what’s classy about scandalpedia.ca? An article about “The Bernier Affair” without a cleavage photo. That must be a first anywhere (except for the always-super-classy ITQ of course).

  14. Dionbook is really an impressive piece of work. They have pages on pretty much every blogger in the country. I learned that ITQ has forsaken fair and balanced journalism and gets talking points from Mark Dunn. Thanks, CPC!

  15. Haven’t seen anything decorating a bland iron fence so well – since – well – the British public throwing down an avalanche of flowers outside Buckingham Palace following Diana’s death…Hee Hee…Kady O – Canada’s blogging Princess!

    But I digress…did see you on Sunday morning on CBC Newsworld – with Susan Riley – bubbling over with ideas as usual…letting the hair grow out too…and I was lucky to see you – running concurrent as you were with George Stephanopoulos interviewing Obama and trying to make nice and wipe the memory of George and Charlie Gibson’s thinly veiled partisan debate between Obama and Hillary…

  16. Joffre – Honestly, I think they should’ve stuck to the DionBook format for the whole site. It’s actually witty and clever, not – you know, not.

  17. Holy crap… I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger waste of time and money than notaleader.ca. The CPC could’ve taken all the energy they’re spending childishly attacking Dion and spent it on coming up with some decent policy. How ridiculous.

    I might have actually thought for a second about voting for them if it wasn’t for stuff like this site. This definitely doesn’t make me want to cast my ballot for a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

  18. There is no clearer indication of the source of dysfunctionality in Canada’s parliament than the notaleader.ca site.

    Nice to see that the CPC views media created by virgin frat-boys as money well spent.

    Kinda gives perspective on their fiscal management abilities, doesn’t it?


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