It's just that easy -

It’s just that easy


Globe and Mail, today. Team Trudeau aims to create supporter-recruitment machines in all 308 ridings (just as Obama for America did in all 50 states). They will employ every tool, from old-fashioned door knocking to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Many of these new supporters will be young, female and/or minorities – the same base that rallied behind Obama for America. The riding campaigns will feed the names of these new supporters to campaign central, which will combine the information in a database that will, if it succeeds, contain hundreds of thousands of entries, each a mini profile of a Justin Trudeau supporter. Assuming Mr. Trudeau wins the leadership, that new base of support will grow and deepen between the leadership vote next April and the general election in October, 2015.

Globe and Mail, May 3, 2011Michael Ignatieff’s future at the helm of the Liberal Party was unclear early Tuesday morning as he and his team assessed the damage that’s reduced the party to a 34-seat rump … His original team, however, had tried to begin the rebuilding and renewal process. In fact, former chief of staff Ian Davey had looked to the United States and Barack Obama’s 2008 success for some clues, buying list management software to create the “Liberal list.” The list identified everything about individual voters from whether they were Liberals or Conservatives, if they had ever taken a lawn sign or even if they had once said they didn’t like Stephen Harper. “It was one of the multitude of initiatives we undertook to get the party into the 21st Century,” Mr. Davey said. Liberals – including Mr. Ignatieff and his campaign co-chairman Senator David Smith – had banked on this program to help them get out the Liberal vote. But it doesn’t seem to have made any difference.


It’s just that easy

  1. If you were to dig back to the 2006 GPC convention where May won, you’ll find the same thing coming from the guy that organized the Dean campaign, main convention speaker.

  2. Interesting stuff. Our problem with Liberalist is we are too close to the vest with access. Which as we can plainly see, is a good thing, LOL! I haven’t seen any Justin supporter-recruiters just yet in my EDA, but I think all the candidates will be doing that, so I’m not sure why that’s a big deal. I mean, I know I’m already doing that for my candidate :)

  3. Sigh….it’s certainly good to communicate with voters, and it makes them feel important….but let’s not play Big Brother here or it’ll put people off.

    If you have exciting new ideas and policies….voters will be coming to you and volunteering to help, not the other way around.

  4. From volunteering on a Liberal campaign last election, Liberalist was good in the sense that it helped local campaigns keep track of the base Liberal vote and ID’d voters – which in a sense is all really any local riding level campaign can do. So many people told me they got the exact same number of Liberal votes at a poll they were scruntinering at as they had ID’d votes, no more, no less. What this tell me: In the last election local campaigns were actually pretty good at ID’ing and GOTV of 100% sure Liberal voters, and Liberalist was a big help to do this. The other thing it tells me is that the national campaign failed, obviously – we didn’t get any more votes from floating undecided, unengaged voters who were swayed by the air war people making their minds up in the ballot box, etc. This for me confirmed what a lot of media reported on as a bit of a disconnect in the last election, that even as national numbers tanked, local Liberal events and campaigns were running pretty smoothly. Liberalist is great at communicating and ID’ing with solid Liberal voters (the people who local campaigns would mark down as definitely Liberal) but a good database can’t make up for a lackluster national campaign which “lean Liberal and Undecided” voters drifted away from.

  5. Oh ya, I’m sure people are going to be lining up to work for the spoiled white rich kid who’s got all the political connections in the world. Because everybody knows “Social media” is the key to marketing success.

    I’m sure those thousands of Twitter followers (that are real) will be super excited to retweet his every word to their incredibly engaged followers (that are real).

  6. I can guarantee you this kid will never be the pm of canada