It's the only way to live -

It’s the only way to live


CTV tabulates the bills for ministerial transportation.

The analysis reveals that the drivers who serve the Public Works and Government Services Minister Rona Ambrose accumulated the most overtime: more than 1,000 hours costing taxpayers $40,074.

Records show that Tony Clement, then Industry Minister, had a driver on standby for more than 360 days that year. The driver charged taxpayers to be on “standby” for Clement virtually every hour outside of his regular shift — 16 hours every weekday and 24 hours on weekends to a total of 6,548 hours in 2010/11. (Standby hours are paid out at 0.5 hours for every four hours on standby).

The hero of fiscal prudence turns out to be Gary Lunn, who, while a minister, apparently opted to walk. This is even more impressive when one considers that, as a relatively shorter person, Mr. Lunn conceivably requires more steps to cover the same amount of ground.

Update 3:47pm. A note from Ms. Ambrose’s office explains that the minister’s driver has recently been classified as exempt staff and no longer receives overtime.


It’s the only way to live

  1. This is just egregious abuse of their entitlements. Tony Clement is shameful, yet he never feels any shame!

    • Maybe Clement just screws up so often that a driver needs to be always available to deliver him to 24 Sussex or the Langevin Block for personal chastisement from the PM, as Harper does seem to be digital / social-media challenged.

      • Oh, please. You would have us believe that Harper can’t seem to get personal chastisement right? I know Tony might take two or three times to ‘get it’ but that’s only a week, not an entire year’s worth of standby!

        • If anyone, I think Harper can get personal chastisement right. I just think “Mr Bean” Clement is superlatively incompetent that he must constantly screw up. Perhaps having people like Clement surrounding him plays to an insecurity that PMSH may not actually be the smartest guy in the room.

      • I thought it was his getaway car.

  2. Oh yah? How much is it gonna cost to hire a Nazi staff car and driver to ferry Mulcair all over his home country of France?

    people should stop griping and think about how much worse it would be if the Liberals NDP were in office

    • Say what???

      • Heh. It’s both funny and disturbing when a message like that one isn’t immediately picked out as satire.. by anybody.

        • Oh thank goodness.

          I find I often can’t tell the difference anymore between humour/satire and real remarks or events.We seem to be living in an age of insanity, and things you think can’t possibly have been said…or happen…did.

          • Sorry OE1, I forgot the tags

          • Heh…totally my fault for not remembering that you wouldn’t say such a thing and mean it. My bad!

            I think I need another coffee.

  3. Camille Paglia ~ Are we like late Rome, infatuated with past glories, ruled by a complacent, greedy elite, and hopelessly powerless to respond to changing conditions?

    • Wise men make proverbs, but fools repeat them — Samuel Palmer 1805-1880

    • “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
      -Oscar Wilde

    • I’ve been seeing remarkable similarities to Rome myself, lately. Late Rome, that is.

  4. For day to day travel they should get the cost of a monthly bus pass in the city of Ottawa – heck they should buy 308 bus passes and demand a discount.

    Anything else should be on their own not-the-highest-but-certainly-more-than-their average-constiutent dime.

  5. One of the non-obvious agendas of a “libertarian” government would be to break government so that it cannot respond with any power to broader, nationwide problems, other than defence. Everything else should, ideologically, be left to free-markets. competition, and the deity substitute of ‘The Invisible Hand.”

    One of the very obvious ways to do this would be to spend all the money; secondarily, to cripple the income system: Taxes.

  6. “Update 3:47pm. A note from Ms. Ambrose’s office explains that the minister’s driver has recently been classified as exempt staff and no longer receives overtime.”
    This strikes me as the wrong solution. They aren’t paying Ms. Ambrose’s driver fairly for the amount of work he’s told to do. We have a word for that: explotation.