‘It’s the producing provinces in Alberta and British Columbia that are leading the way’


Bob Rae talks to Tom Clark about putting a price on carbon.

Tom Clark: But I want to move on to one other thing here and that is the question of whether we should be putting a price on carbon so that at some point down the road the government can move towards either a cap and trade system or a carbon tax. What do you think? What would you encourage your party to decide on that? Should Alberta…some form of carbon tax?

Bob Rae: Alberta and British Columbia have already indicated that they’re pricing carbon. That’s what BC is doing, Alberta is doing it. There are other provinces that are considering doing it. I thought Mr. Harper was in favour of that. I’ve heard Mr. Harper and many ministers; John Baird when he was Energy Minister, others saying that a price on carbon was a good idea. To me, I don’t know how we send signals to the marketplace about how we need to conserve energy going forward unless we have a coordinated approach to carbon pricing. Ironically now, it’s the producing provinces in Alberta and British Columbia that are leading the way in terms of saying yes we need to send a signal, so is Quebec saying the same thing. I think there is a very powerful consensus growing in the country that we need to have a national federal-provincial approach to the pricing of carbon. I hope it very much that the premiers and the prime minister can agree on this in the months and years ahead.

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‘It’s the producing provinces in Alberta and British Columbia that are leading the way’

  1. So the only time we hear from Liberals about the contribution the West makes to the Confederation is after a couple of their gang insult the West and just before a by-election there.

    • That’s politics. You were hoping for more? Join the queue. I’m disappointed every single day by the shallowness of our political parties. Maybe, just maybe the only thing we can hope for consistently is that they eventually try to get it right?

      Now you’re going to tell me that westerners and their politicians have never meant it when they’ve slagged ON, QC or the Atlantic provinces? and it doesn’t count now because that was so long ago anyway.

      • Maybe.
        I just can`t recall Western leaders making such obviously patronizing remarks to Central and Eastern regions at politically opportune times.

        If I were a Westerner, I would be insulted by this patronizing manner.

        • I’m a westerner and i’m not offended.
          If you’re talking about Rae’s remarks here about a price on carbon i can’t see how that is particularly patronizing in any way. He’s a Canadian as well as a liberal, no?

          If you are saying that western politicians never say patronizing things about easterners or other Canadians you must have a very short memory.
          If it looks like more of it has come westward than otherwise i’d put that down to the fact that until recently the numbers [they still do] support more voting power in the eastern half of the country…it still does.

      • di·vert   [dih-vurt, dahy-]

        verb (used with object)
        1.to turn aside or from a path or course; deflect.

        2.British . to route (traffic) on a detour.

        3.to draw off to a different course, purpose, etc.

        4.to distract from serious occupation; entertain or amuse.

        • Ah… i don’t do Chinese chess or read vogon poetry.

  2. Alberta’s local carbon tax allows the money to stay within Alberta.

    • Isn’t that beside the point? A carbon-tax is a “JOB-KILLER!!!”, regardless of how its revenues are spent. We hear that day after day after day from the CPC Stepford Wives in the HoC.

      • Come on, keep up neuroticdog: Alberta has more jobs on offer than can be filled. Catching two birds with one stone seems like an efficient policy to me.

        • So Alberta is immune from the job-killing toxic effects of a carbon tax, while the economy of rest of the country isn’t (if we’re to believe the Cons’ relentless talking points in the House).

          I guess that would mean Harper’s firewall around Alberta has come to pass.

          Thanks for helping me to “keep up”.

  3. Wow! So Bob Rae is saying the federal government and other provinces should follow the energy policies of Alberta? It’s about bloody time!

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