‘It’s time to bring him back to Canada’


International human rights activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam says Omar Khadr was a child soldier and it’s time to bring him back to Canada.

“Omar Khadr was a child when he was involved in combat under the UN (United Nations) definition and so we should abide by the international laws and rules that we expect of other countries as well,” she said. “So I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be kept in prison but definitely I think it’s time to bring him back to Canada. He was a Canadian citizen and he can be tried here or looked after here in terms of how long his sentence is going to be or what is going to be his fate.”

Coincidentally, Ms. Afshin-Jam is the wife of Defence Minister Peter MacKay. And, in a Facebook note, she objects to how her views were presented.

When responding I specifically qualified that what I said was my personal view. I am very disappointed that once again my personal view has been distorted … I am confident that Mr. Khadr will be transferred back to Canada. Let’s leave it to the Canadian and US governments who have all the facts and details about the case to take the proper actions in due course.

This is not the first time she has been asked about the case of Mr. Khadr—she commented on his status as a child soldier during an interview with the Chronicle-Herald in July.


‘It’s time to bring him back to Canada’

  1. I imagine it’s a very difficult position to be in when your husband is an ineffective little dweeb and his government uses human rights abuses solely bolster it’s arguments for war, and in fact flaunts internationally recognized standards of treatment to appeal to the xenophobic elements of its base.

    • Flouts. In this context, the word you’re looking for is clearly flout, not flaunt.

      • That makes sense – I type corrected.

  2. I support international human rights… except for anyone disliked by my husband’s handlers.

  3. Oh, for God’s sake. Why, why for the love of Pete couldn’t she have said, “My husband is a cabinet minister and member of this government. I am not. Just because I love my husband that doesn’t mean I must agree 100% with him and/or his government on 100% of issues.”

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