Jack Layton’s letter to Canadians

“I want to share with you my belief in your power to change this country and this world”


Jack Layton’s family has now released the letter he wrote to be released in the event that he passed away.

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Jack Layton’s letter to Canadians

  1. This has been a tremendously sad day.  It speaks volumes about Jack Layton that millions of people are mourning his passing,  most of whom having never  met him.

    • Nor would have been disposed to vote for him or his party.

      He did transend all that and we shall see if the call of his letter is headed.

  2. What a touching and inspirational letter. A true statesman to the very end.

    While I may not agree with the man’s politics, today is truly a sad day, as the country has lost a dedicated leader.

    • I wholeheartedly concur.

  3. A most inspiring letter. I don’t care who you are or where you sit on the political spectrum; if you are not moved and saddened by Layton’s passing today you don’t have a soul.

    • Well said.

  4. Layton`s ideas were not only bad, they were baldly out-dated. His death does not change that. His letter is not “inspirational” – it is the very essence of banal political banter.

    • You jerk, this letter is Jack’s way of giving all Canadians some sense of closure to his sad passing.  One of the reasons that he is so loved by Canadians across the political spectrum is because of his passion and optimistic approach to life and politics.  This letter is the essence of who he was to those who never met him but admired him nonetheless.  To call his goodbye to us nothing more than political banter is insulting not only to all of us, but to his memory as well.  Shame on you.

  5. Jack was an exceptional man, who has left an exceptional legacy. Canada will not be the same without him. 

  6. Jack’s letter just underscores the goodness and brilliance of the man. I agree with what my ladylove said to me this morning: “He was such a good man. So honest, enthusiastic,
    positive and passionate. I loved that he didn’t stray from speaking his
    truth, even in the face of strong opposition. It truly is Canada’s
    loss.” We will certainly miss Jack, and always remember that his heart was in the right place. A very sad day for Canadians.

  7. Oh I shed a tear or two! What a beautiful letter!

    May you rest in peace Jack!

  8. I sat around with my siblings, their partners, my fiance and my father last night. We had a cheers to Jack and all that he has done for Canadians.  In this small gathering there was representation from different parties in terms of our voting, and yet not one of us had a bad thing to say about Jack Layton.  Even if you don’t agree with his politics you cannot help but admire his love for this country and his dedication to make it the best Canada possible. He was a wonderful human being and will be missed.
    Thank you for the wonderful letter and RIP,
    you will be missed by many!

  9. Massive loss…..