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‘Jack’s vision is in good hands’


As viewers of last night’s Blue Jays game know, the NDP has launched the English portion of its ad campaign.

The clip follows the script that was leaked to the CBC last month. If you watch Hockey Night in Canada, American Idol or the Good Wife you’ll apparently be seeing it.


‘Jack’s vision is in good hands’

  1. That’s a good ad — and hey, it’s not attacking anyone!  Wow, right here in Canada.

    Great idea to have Olivia’s buy-in, and “Tom” is a better way to brand Mulcair as a regular guy.  I don’t think he is much of a regular guy, but there’s something very warm and — dare I say it — twinkly about his eyes.  Great voice, also.

    And I think he’s gonna gut harp. 

  2. Decent ad, make Mulcair seem reasonable, calm and not hothead he’s being painted as by msm. NDP ready to fight Cons, good for them. 

    I still don’t understand why Libs never bothered to defend or define Dion or Iggy even tho the party raises millions of $$$ annually. Libs have plenty of money to buy ads if they wanted to, why does party spend money on other frivolities? 

    • How do you know how much the Liberals have for PR, and what “frivolities” are you talking about?

      • Financial returns for each political party are made public on a quarterly basis by Elections Canada. While it doesn’t indicate how much each party has set aside for individual expenses like PR, it’s a good indicator of each party’s financial health.

        I’d be curious to know if each party must report how they spend their money. I’m not sure if EC requires disclosure for the amount spent on PR, admin, etc. by each party.