James Lunney Watch


The Nanaimo Daily News won’t take no comment for an answer.

Whatever his reasons for bringing creationist theory into the Canadian Parliament, Nanaimo-Alberni MP James Lunney is keeping silent.

He won’t say why he gave a speech in the House of Commons Charles saying Darwin would likely rethink his theory of evolution today, based on new knowledge creationists say disprove evolution. He failed to return numerous calls, and last week he rebuffed questions at a Nanaimo press conference…

“I won’t comment,” he said, pushing away a reporter’s recording device during a funding announcement at the Vancouver Island University library on Wednesday.


James Lunney Watch

  1. This whole evolution nonsense got started when someone at the G&M courageously asked Gary Goodyear his thoughts on evolution.

    There is no answer to your question, because there is not a journalist in this country that would have the balls to ask a non-white, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or other non-Christian MP about their belief in evolution, and then write an article ridiculing them for it if they failed to confirm their belief in evolution; nor is there an editor that would run with it if such a reporter could be found.

    • john g: I’m not sure if I would call the G&M journalist/reporter courageous, but I wholeheartedly agree with your second paragraph.

      But why not look at it this way: could it be that both religion and science have somewhat turned into strange directions. Either/or? And why?

      • The answer is no, science has not turned in a strange direction. Just because some religious types have decided to attack science doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with science.

        That sounds like Fox News’ trademark spin: “Flat earth? Round earth? Opinions differ, so let’s give equal airtime and respect to each!”

    • Don’t be abtuse JG.No-one from any of those groups you mention, are seeking to impose their religious beliefs, or have creation myths accepted as scientific fact.

      • Oops, blew my cover. I’m otherwise known as kc, but only when i’m right!

      • what the hell happened to the comments in this thread? a bunch are missing, everything is out of order…

        kc, how would you know how an MP from any of those religions would answer a question about their belief in evolution? No-one would dare ask them. Well they might, but they wouldn’t dare ridiculing them the way they’ve done with Goodyear and Lunney if they got an answer of a religious nature as opposed to one supporting Darwin.

        And how do you make the leap from expressing skepticism about evolution to “seeking to impose religious beliefs” on anyone??? Care to provide an example of someone actually doing this rather than blindly repeating the usual anti-Christian bigotry?

        And have you forgotten the attempt to introduce Sharia Law in Ontario a few years back? Was a Christian behind that too?

        • JG
          First off don’t assume, i could easily be a Christian myself and i’m no bigot, although i see you didn’t actually say that. Obviously the imposition of religiousbeliefs would stem from the attempts to have creationism taught as science in the US ; this hasn’t happened n Canada, but i assumed the conversation wasn’t just limited to this country. My point was that no one else is seeking to have creationist beliefs accepted in the way evolution is. I’m pretty sure the beliefs of some of those other groups don’t necessarily clash with the tenets of evolution, as indeed is the case with a good many Christians – perhaps a majority.

          • Fair enough kc. I was talking about Canada only.

          • Not a majority. The majority of Christians in Canada are Catholic for one thing, and the mainline protestant denominations who pretty much all universally accept evolution aren’t exactly small potatoes either.

  2. John G., my question was specific to LRF, who like you is changing the channel. You both suggest that no journalist would ask it of anyone other than a Christian. Aside from the fact that plenty of Christians, Hindus, Muslims and people of faith believe in science and therefore acknowledge that evolution is fact, that’s not the issue here.

    The issue is, why did Lunney stand in the House and make the statement he did.

    I know how this all started. I’m curious to know why he, (Lunney) felt the need to push it and keep it going.

  3. Is that a long U ?

  4. there is not a journalist in this country that would have the balls to ask a non-white, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or other non-Christian MP about their belief in evolution,

    Every single one who had the chance most certainly would do exactly that if that non-white, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or other non-Christian MP said evolution is crap, creation science is the real deal and Darwin would have rejected evolution today.

    Which is what this post is about.

  5. watch nova’s “evolution on trial” . Not one academic could be called as a witness to the creationists during court case.

    Ban all religion is the real message

  6. When you read the Nanaimo article and take into account Lunney’s refusal to elaborate – remembering that he made his statement in the house of his own volition – how the the hell can you but conclude that this guy’s an ignorant fool. Used to be you could call a fool a fool, but now apparently, you’ve got to take into consideration the individuals delicate relgious senisibilities.

  7. When, oh when, will Canada finally stop oppressing white, male, heterosexual Christians!?!?!

    It’s about time we stop holding back the white man, and addressing all this rampant anti-Christian bigotry head on, so that one day, a heterosexual man who believes in Christ can finally get somewhere in this country.

    By my count, only 94.7% of the federal Cabinet is Christian (well, it may be higher, there were a couple of Ministers I’m not sure of, but dare we take that chance???). It’s high time we stare anti-Christian bigotry in the face, before it ruins our once great nation.

    How dare a reporter ask the Minister of Science about something to do with science? How dare a reporter ask a Minister of the Crown about unsolicited and unprompted comments he chose to make publicly in the House of Commons? For SHAME!

  8. Holy random placement of comments Batman!

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