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James Moore will judge the worthiness of your advocacy


After erroneously alleging that the mayor of Vancouver hadn’t contacted the federal government to express opposition to cuts to the coast guard, James Moore heckled the clarification, delivered by the NDP’s Fin Donnelly during QP this afternoon, that the mayor had sent a letter to the Prime Minister.

He wrote a letter, what a warrior!


James Moore will judge the worthiness of your advocacy

  1. Good setup for the retort, “So now that the Minister has admitted he pays no attention to letters written to him by a city mayor, would Mr. Moore tell what it costs.. sorry, takes.. to get his attention?”

    • I am sure people could be organized to dog him at every future photo op he holds in Vancouver.

    • The letter was actually (and appropriately) to the Prime Minister and the Fisheries Minister. Moore thinks people should have to check with him first, though. Not unlike other current cabinet MInisters, he doesn’t have a hot clue about Ministerial accountabiliy.

  2. Well, he had arranged a naval blockade, but the bathtubs were recalled back to Nanaimo by the local (Quebec HQ’d) Rona Building Supply store.

    Something about the need to defend a hostile takeover from the American giant Lowe’s – an 1812 moment, “part of our heritage”.

  3. “He wrote a letter, what a warrior!”

    If anyone loses their life as a direct result of those cutbacks the grandstanding Mr big balls Moore is going to have to eat those words.

  4. There is a phrase for this: “moving the goalposts”. And yes, it’s functionally dishonest, kinda like this government.