Jason Kenney invites you to thank him


The Internet is currently laughing about this petition set up on Jason Kenney’s website.

We, the undersigned, thank Jason Kenney for his efforts to streamline benefits afforded to refugees claimants under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) and bring them in line with the benefits received by tax-paying Canadians, including new Canadians.

Mr.  Kenney seems to have sent the petition around in search of support.


Jason Kenney invites you to thank him

  1. Politician, petition thyself!

    • well played Jan!

  2. That boy’s not right in the head….mind you, neither is his boss.

  3. Sign up now, and for every new signature he’ll run up to a Muslim women, tear off her veil and start yelling “you’re free! you’re free!”

    • I wonder what kind of robocalls a person would get in the next election if they signed this thing?

      • Is it possible we could nobble it by signing along with attaching strong objections? The option seems to be there on the petition. Course it would mean giving them personal info you might not want in their hands.

        • They seem to already know enough about me that Blogging Tories has never let me register to be able to comment. Probably those nasty emails I used to send to Gary Lunn. Someone on twitter said they contacted Kenney’s office and they’re reading comments. So, I say give it a go.

  4. I may have signed that petition under a false name that implies Kenney sees one certain refugee group as less-than human. I wonder if they are vetting the signatures?

  5. My thanks are reserved for the time these buffoons are turfed from office.

  6. I may be mistaken but isn’t it a wee bit crass to circulate your own self congratulatory petition?
    I see Jason hasn’t shied away from his usual distortionary rhetoric – accusing the opposition of supporting extended care for illegal refuges.

    • We passed ‘a wee bit crass’ a few miles back.

    • You are mistaken. It is beyond crass, and more into cartoonish narcissism. Of course, it’s all relative. It’s not like he sent out a Chrismas card with a picture of him looking at pictures of himself. Because that’s just nuts!

      • Yes, Harper’s speech in Calgary was reaching into levels of self regard and self absorption that seem Shakespearean. Big on Literature these guys their experiments in newspeak and history rewrites are quite Orwellian.

  7. Funny, Jason Kenney’s petition doesn’t mention his real accomplishment: getting himself the power to deny refugee claims by European Jews and Roma fleeing neo-Nazis in Hungary and the rest of the EU.

  8. For buffoonish self-importance, it hard to top Jason Kenney. But I think Peter Van Loan might give him a run for his money.

  9. This is the same person who sent out an email refering to a government colleague as an “as**hole”, most well adjusted people know that it is ok to think it or even share one’s feelings with close friends but you DO NOT put anything of that nature in an email as these have a nasty habit of coming back to bite you in the posterior, I myself would welcome the opportunity to sit down one to one with Mr. Kenney and share my own thoughts and feelings with him about what life is like in the real world for those Canadian husbands who married a non Canadian citizen and have to endure negative stress and strain while our lives are put on hold for 1 year or more waiting for his department to process our permanent residence application which moves along at a glacial pace…