Jason Kenney is impressed


Again, from his Twitter feed.

Diane Finley is awesome in QP. She’s substative, on her brief, articulate in both languages.


Jason Kenney is impressed

  1. If he had more than 140 characters, would this tweet have concluded with “…unlike me”?

    • Nope. “…and she is a babe.”

      • Lucratif is shorter than lucrative.

        • Also: saves one character, permitting Kenney to type his *real* message: “Diane Finley is awesome in QP. She’s substative, on her brief, articulate in both languages… and so very hawt!”

          Kenney is like a male, Canadian, rural, doofus version of Paris Hilton. And I say that will all due respect to Paris Hilton. And with a silent prayer that Kenney won’t start flashing his hoo-haw around swank Ottawa hotspots.

  2. “Substative” – that will describe Jason Kenney and Diane Finley precisely.

    More’s the pity.

    • Also, what country am I living in where the RCMP are intimidated by a guy with a stapler? That would be Canada’s new country under Canada’s new government?

      Call an election already. I’m sick and tired of Harper.

      • Speaking as a Conservative and I dare say for most of rthe party I agree completely, we are ready … all you gotta do is have Iggy stand up and vote against something that is a confidence motion else – just white noise in the background.

        • “Speaking as a Conservative and I dare say for most of rthe party . . .”

          Ah. I see. Your opinion would be, ahem, the only opinion?

          Call an election already, Wayne sucks.

          • To steal a line from Dear Leader, Wayne sucks and blows.

          • Sapphire and steel… I don’t get it. What does crystallized aluminum oxide have to do with ferrous alloys?

      • Yes to an election!!! Harper will be gone soon enough.

      • Hey, not only is our national police force intimidated by a guy with a stapler, we’re also the only country on the planet to consider a certain British MP to be a threat to our national security.

        I wonder sometimes if Ignatieff yelled “Boo!” loudly enough in the House if the government wouldn’t just abdicate.

  3. Ahh, but will he get rid of the “Min” in his handle once he loses his ministerial post?

    • I thought that was hilarious! What arrogance! Unless “MP-JK” was already taken as a handle.

  4. One of things I like about twiiter is you get to see how busy some of these guys and gals are .. never really appreciated it before.

    • Im sure you’d find that out from most people if they twittered their activities all day. Not really impressive but you must be easily impressed.

  5. Diane Finley’s french is actually very good. Other Ministers should take a cue from her, as some can’t even speak one bit of french! (looking at your Toews)
    I like this whole Ministers on Twitter thing, very interesting indeed.
    Any other ministers we can follow on Twitter?

  6. Diane Finley may be able to speak French, but she’s not so great at standing up for her constituents. The tobacco farmers in Haldimand-Norfolk are under serious pressure trying to keep the creditors at bay- last years tobacco auction the sales were the lowest they have ever been. Many-perhaps most- farmers didn’t even meet their already low quota. During the election, she promised that we would have a deal.
    Then again, she promised that in 2006, too, and we, her constituents, have seen nothing.
    She was elected by a margin of 300 votes- but she still has a responsibility to stand up for her constituents.

    We are waiting.

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