Jason Kenney is unimpressed (II)


Taunting Dan Gardner, via Twitter.

My rental car was broken into, window smashed, etc., earlier today. Crime problem is for real.


Jason Kenney is unimpressed (II)

  1. And then there’s the “celebrity” journalist.

  2. Nobody thinks the crime problem isn’t real, JK, just that you guys are going about combating it incorrectly.

  3. Wow. An actual crime. Committed right here. In Canada.

    And with one awesome blow, a particularly ludicrous straw man is sent sprawling to the floor.

    • TwitterRumble! TwitterRumble! *slinks away looking innocent*

    • Don’t mock TheChubster ™. He believes that he could be PM one day, and that wouldn’t be funny because Ezra Levant would be his Chief of Staff and Rob Anders would be our Foreign Minister.

      • And that just leaves one job open for you, how about doorknob.

    • In that case, you won’t mind if I take your car for a spin? Thanks in advance.

    • Lemme guess – he had Liberal lawn signs in the back seat?

      • No. But Bob Rae had accidentally locked himself in and someone had to get him out.

  4. Sounds like Kenney just confirmed Macleans findings that Saskatoon is most crime-riddled city in Canada.

  5. My car has never been damaged or broken into, obviously there’s no crime out there, since it hasn’t happened to me!
    How does JK ties his shoe laces in the morning without his mum to help him?

  6. Brought to you by the fear factory at Lancaster Road.

    Fallacy vs. fallacy…. must be our Sunday efforts.

  7. You’re slipping Aaron. You missed the entire post where he denied climate change.

    “In Calgary transitting to Regina. Still very much winter out here.”

  8. Nobody should be ok with that. But are you suggesting that automatic life sentences are going to help in this case? It was a fight, not an assault. However the sentence baffles me.
    This is a problem i have with many liberals; by not speaking out against what appears to be a loony decision, as in this case [ granted all the facts aren’t known here. ] this clears the way for idealogues like Harper or Harris to bring in the bulldozers.

  9. What if he had twittered instead:

    “Jewish community in TO is amazing: virtually everyone I met tonight is either a lawyer or dentist.”

    • What’s your point? Are you an anti-semite?

      • I think Dave’s point is simply that “Hindu community in SK is amazing: virtually everyone I met tonight is either a physician or a professor” is just an exceedingly strange thing to say.

        • Possibly the Hindu community in SK is so small, it consists of only one doctor and one professor? But I bet they’re amazing, nonetheless.

        • It does have a whiff of “credit to their race” about it.

        • I think Dave’s point is that every man who doesn’t think like Dave is a bigot. Even if, and maybe especially if, he talks in complimentary terms about people of a different faith than himself.

        • @LKO like it’s unexpected that Hindus can be that “professional”; very fucci.

      • No, and for all you know I may be a semite.

        It was a very, very odd comment on Kenney’s part.

        Very, very.

        • I think I’ve heard similar comments a million times, especially in places like Toronto, where in that great multicultural city the most politically-correct thing to do is to heap praise upon a particular ethnic group.

          For instance, you would say “the XXX have a strong work ethic” or “the XXX have strong and educated leaders” or “the XXX succeed despite institutional barriers” or even “I love XXX people”, where XXX is the national, ethnic, cultural or religious group of choice.

          The are some forbidden replacements for XXX, such as American, White, or Christian. Most are fine. Greek, Hindu, Muslim, Black, Yugoslavian, Slavic, Asian, Polish, Somali, Jamaican, Buddhist, Latin; these are all good.

          Sometimes certain words such as Yellow, Red, Eskimo must be replaced by the politically correct term Asian, Native, Inuit for it to be acceptable (please note, I do acknowledge the negative undertones of some of these words and the desire for groups to use their one chosen words for identification).

          If a speaker uses one of the forbidden substitutions that defines the speaker either as stupid or racist.

          Any other substitution is not only acceptable, but also identifies the speaker as enlightened.

        • I have a great shirt that reads, “Life is too short not to be Guianese.” Got it at Honest Ed’s for quite cheap, probably a relic of a Caribana festival. I prize it because, from a Guianese point of view, it’s a celebration of life; on me, who am not from Guiana, it perfectly expresses my philosophical pessimism. Life is indeed too short not to be Guianese.

        • i’ve heard/seen; “you speak English so well…” like a certain skin tone or ethnicity is not expected to speak so well or have the intelligence or ability to speak so well. the arrogance and prejudice is so obvious.

        • You clearly run in a different “politically correct” circle than I do. “Politically correct” people I know assiduously avoid linking any trait, positive or negative, to a particular ethnic, religious or cultural group, as they would feel that such a linkage either a) implies that it’s somehow surprising that a person of a particular group would display a particular positive trait, or b) simply generalizes the characteristics of individual human beings based upon what ethnic, cultural or religious group they happen to belong to, and reinforces a monolithic view of individuals based on the groups they happen to be slotted into, especially groups determined by nothing more than an accident of birth.

          I CERTAINLY don’t know any left-wing multiculturalists who would EVER say “the XXX have a strong work ethic” or “the XXX have strong and educated leaders”. They’d consider it strange, if not insulting, to attribute a characteristic such as these to one’s race, ethnicity, or religion, as opposed to one’s individual character.

          I’ll give you “I love XXX people” though. Porn stars RULE!

  10. This is great stuff from said twitterer Kenney.
    “Croatian community leader summing-up Liberal approach:”the Liberals never delivered for us; but always expected us to deliver for them.”Ouchabout “

    • See, now I read that as the leader saying “Finally, here’s a government that understands the meaning of ‘quid pro quo'”.

  11. brilliant SK counterpart Min Rob Norris.Typical of the brilliant SK Party Govt that’s brought prosperity to SK


    • I think the word you’re looking for is “brilliant”.

      • or “SK”.

  12. I like how Kenney refers to “celebrity journalist Paul Wells”.

    I can’t figure out if it’s a compliment or a dig, but I’d bet Wells would find the description humourous either way!

    • I think it’s a compliment… a nod to Paul’s recent profile-boosting TV appearance.

    • I hope we never see him in rehab, or on Oprah touting “Sunny Side Up: The Fall of a Sinner and the Rise of a Celestial Journalist.”

  13. I presume we’re all agreed that having a Minister of the Crown who constantly updates his Twitter feed is, in itself, about the most ridiculous thing Canadian politics has seen since John Turner started wearing his pants backwards after the 1988 election.

    • Missed one, Jack: PMPM’s steadfast denial that Stronach’s crossing for a made-up ministerial position had nothing, nothing I tells ya, to do with saving his parliamentary posterior. The press gallery couldn’t contain itself and laughed in the guy’s face in mid-presser.

      And as for politicians’ sartorial choices, I am now heading off to sleep with a Stockwell Sea-Doo visual. Thanks for nothing, pal…

      • Agreed, myl — that was one of the most ridiculous things a Canadian pol has said in recent memory, and as you pointed out, the response says it all. Every reporter in the room laughed at the Prime Minister of Canada, openly mocking the absurdity of his bald-faced lie. An unprecedented (though well deserved) display of disrespect.

    • @Jack esp when said minister is often so busy pointing fingers at others shouting out “terrorist!” at the top of his voice so anyone with a mic in earshot can hear. how he finds the time to twitter…

  14. Celebrity journalist is in Vancouver, on Juno night, getting ready to speak at a humanitarian law conference. I have no Twitter but clearly I’m some kind of twit.

    • Only if you’re with the entourage going to the Nickelback post-awards party.

    • …but clearly I’m some kind of twit.

      So, are we to take it that you don’t think “celebrity journalist” was meant as a compliment?

      I have to say, when I read that, I could feel Kenney sneering at the word “celebrity”. I admit though that tone is very difficult to read online.

      • Actually I’d be amazed if Jason meant any ill will with his remark. We had a pleasant chat at the airport.

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