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Jason Kenney on Rob Ford: ‘He is doing … dishonour to that office’

“Mr. Ford has brought dishonour to public office, the office of mayor and his city”


After Question Period this afternoon, Jason Kenney stopped to speak with reporters. After discussing another matter, he was asked about Rob Ford’s situation. Here is a transcript of his response.

You know, first … it’s obviously a municipal affair, not a federal issue so we’re going to have to leave it to Toronto city council to sort out this mess. I will say, though, as an elected official that I think Mr. Ford has brought dishonour to public office, the office of mayor and his city. I wished he had taken a leave of absence some time ago to go and deal with his personal problems, but not having done that I personally think he should step aside and stop dragging the city of Toronto through this terrible embarrassment. So, again, as a … I think there’s a dignity in public service and elected office and he is doing, regrettably, dishonour to that high office.

He was then asked about political ties between the federal Conservatives and Mr. Ford.

I publicly supported the election campaign of my good friend Rocco Rossi in the last mayoral campaign.


Jason Kenney on Rob Ford: ‘He is doing … dishonour to that office’

  1. Thank you Jason Kenney, for recognizing the dignity of public office. There is a higher calling to comport oneself in a way that honours the public trust. Ford’s conduct – from the crack to the boozing to the association with shady characters to the lewd comments – has failed to live up to that trust. His personal problems have infected his public life. Thank goodness Jason Kenney gets it. Why can’t our Prime Minister say it with the same honesty and simplicity?

    • Jason Kenney is trying for the leadership of his party and figures this might get him some votes. Kenney however hasn’t a moral leg to stand on.

    • Because the Prime Minister doesn’t believe it.

    • This is all about political calculation, as am sure you know ‘Sandy’ – tell them at JK’s leadership office, we’re not falling for it.

  2. Oooh…this ought set off an orgy of speculation on twitter whether this is a power move by JK against an increasingly feckless Harper.[ glad i’m not on the twitter crack]

  3. “I publicly supported the election campaign of my good friend Rocco Rossi in the last mayoral campaign.”


    • Seriously Aaron – I think his claim of publicly supporting Rossi in the mayoral election merits some fact-checking. I can’t find any evidence that it’s true.

      • Can you find any evidence that it’s false?

        • Can you find any evidence that unicorns don’t exist?

  4. Kenney can’t go five minutes without having his name in the news. He’s been campaigning for the PM’s job nonstop for years. By the way, notice how the Globe and Mail has closed commenting for this story? They have to protect their idol, Harper.

    • The Globe has a single editor – Marcus Gee – who writes favourable editorials for Harper. Other than that, the Globe is not and never has been a pro-Harper paper. Their coverage during elections has been the exact opposite. They’ve done the old bait ‘n switch for 3 elections now. Marcus Gee does a signed editorial stating the Globe recommends voting for Harper, then the headlines are anti-Conservative for the entire election. All the while the G & M can claim innocene. “We endorsed Harper in our editorials!” Wells and Coyne have both made fun of the G & M for its “hyperventalating” over Harper and the Conservatives.

      • Certainly Globe fixtures Jeffrey Simpson and Lawrence Martin are two of the biggest obsessive Harper-haters in Canadian journalism these days, which is no mean feat. Simpson’s op-ed piece today being yet further evidence of that.

  5. Kenney is attacking Ford for his PERSONAL failings. Isn’t it time that we turn the microscope on Jason Kenney’s personal life? Jason who is his mid-forties claims to be a virgin. I find that hard to believe. Who is he having sex with and why is he ashamed to let us know?

    I suspect (as many do ) that Kenney is a closeted homosexual. Nothing wrong with being gay but as a person who has attacked gay causes this would make Kenney a hippocrate and a prime target for being outed. Unfortunately in our country our media are too chicken-shit to dig into the private lives of politician unless their last name is Ford.

    • Kinsella outted Kenney as gay some time ago…..I meant Kenneys disgusting attacks on Romas…..and last year, Tamils.

      • Kinsella hinted at it on his blog by saying something like “what is the name of Jason Kenney’s wife”? That’s as close as anyone has been willing to go.

        • No, he outted him completely over something Kenney had done….not that it was news to anyone. Baird and Anders have been outted as well.

          • The entire CPC front bench is gay.

          • That’s entirely possible…..thing of it is the only people that would be upset by it are Harp’s ‘base’….so he’s taking an awful chance.

            And I can’t see any of them becoming leader.

          • There have been bachelors and spinsters since the beginning of time and people who are socially conservative have always been too mannerly to delve into their sexual orientation, deciding that was the business of those who were living those lives. I suggest you, Emily take on that same motto. It is NONE of your business. You pretend you are progressive but in truth you don`t walk the walk in any way. You pretend it is CONS that are uptight but in truth it is you. Perhaps you are just like the base.

          • SoCons are the ones with the sex problem….why should I help them be hypocrites?

          • Since when is a person’s sexual orientation a “sex problem?” Also, not everyone who is private about their orientation is a Con….maybe we should all practice your obnoxious traits and start outing some really popular left leaning politicians. Even if it isn’t true, so what. I mean a man in his forties who is the mayor of a big city and still lives with his mother and his favorite color is purple……

          • Ask your fellow Cons….they’re the ones with the problem.

          • If that is the case they why would a liberal pretend he wasn’t gay?

          • I don’t know of a Liberal politician pretending he isn’t gay. I know of lots of Con politicians pretending they’re not gay.

          • No, it was Ian Capstick.

    • If Jason Kenney is gay, then he conducts that part of his life with great discretion. If he is simply a virgin, he wouldn’t be the first or the last person to reach into his forties as one. There is absolutely no shame in either scenario.

      If you can’t tell the difference between someone with a quiet private life and someone who’s a loud, bombastic drunken bully, then I guess you’re dumb enough to blame the media. Dealing with the media is part of the package when you enter politics. Ford has played his hand very, very poorly and if that makes you sympathetic to him, then feel free to vote for him, to get a signed booblehead and to wear a Ford Nation beer hat (just don’t drive with it, ok?).

      Short version: Ford is to blame. He brought this upon himself Stop whining.

      • Surely you don’t expect progressives to pass up the opportunity for some “harmless” gay-baiting of a Conservative politician do you?

      • I think everyone is wrong about the reason why Kenney is never seen with a significant other. The real reason is that he actually IS Stephen Harper, wearing a leading edge technology disguise (think Mission Impossible). He long ago predicted that some short-pantser scandal would bring the Harper era to a close, so he created a back-up plan that would ensure his rule continues beyond 2015. That also explains why Kenney can go off script so often and not get demoted to the limbo of the un-caucused. Chessmastered!

      • Here, here. I have never understood how a bunch of people who like to think themselves as modern and progressive can imagine it is okay to discuss anyone’s sexual orientation as though it is in ANYWAY their business. Regardless of a person’s political leaning that topic is not appropriate for conversation, especially as a tool for derogatory gossipy speculation. It demeans everyone on these comment boards.

        • I think what we are witnessing on this comment board from Emily and her ilk is “progressive homophobia.”

          • Perhaps. For a person who goes on ad nauseam about the advantages of an advanced formal education, Emily does not appear to understand that a certain sophistication and sensitivity tends to appear in those who have studied with different scholars on university campuses for many years due to having been exposed to many different kinds of philosophies, cultures and life styles during the course of their studies. Emily, in commenting on people’s sexual orientation, is acting like a back woods red neck from the remote north with no education, rather than what she purports to be which is a Phd with a masters degree in a second area of study who works in global finance. She is hardly the poster child for tolerance, acceptance and critical thinking that an university education is supposed to provide to those lucky enough to have the opportunity to study for the length of time that Emily did. Either that or she is just emotionally and socially retarded.

    • Progressives have always been more than happy to engage in gay-baiting. This thread is typical.

    • What gay causes has Kenney ever attacked? Oh, none? Well, you sound stupid.

  6. I’m almost getting the impression that Harper will step down before the next election and that he has chosen Kenney as his successor.

    • Wells says no chance[ i think] Hebert not so sure…that’s a difficult choice. I’m gonna wait it out. Harper is notorious for turning on a dime. If he senses he’s really on the outs he’ll scram. Losing to a Trudeau for instance would haunt him to his dying day. Losing to Mulcair and the ndp would hardly be much better, maybe worse after the shock’s worn off. Trudeau at least shares his resource extraction ambition. It’s just everything else a Trudeau might do that would smart a bit.

      • Well, the smart guy — you know, chessmasters — would walk away before taking a pummelling. He can’t wait too much longer if he’s going to walk, though, because a new person would need some time before a general election to stabilize. Harper changed his (weasel) words again yesterday — he said in HoC that Wright is under investigation and that, to the best of his knowledge, PMO was not. That’s a distinct yet subtle change from NOT being under investigation, his last answer on that topic. They’ll be watching polls and watching the byelections — but I would think if we find out PMO is indeed under RCMP investigation, we may see a change of heart from pm — if that cold, cold heart is indeed still functioning.

      • The oil companies want the pipeline ready before he gets a seat for life on their boards.

  7. Frankly, his policies have dishonored City Hall more than anything. His behaviour has done real and lasting damage to the institution, adding injury to insult.

    This is a man who clearly hates government, and has governed to destroy the Mayor’s Office.