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Jason Kenney vs. Basket weavers


The noble basket weaver refuses to be your easy punchline.

The immigration system for the past 40 to 50 years has been ignoring highly trained workers, said Kenney. “It was easier to get your permanent residency in Canada if you had a master’s degree in basket-weaving than if you had 20 years experience as a welder,” he said on CBC. “We need the welders. We need these guys who work with their hands.”

Ann McRae McIsaac, of the Basket Weavers of P.E.I. Cooperative, said downplaying the importance of craftspeople shows narrow-mindedness. McIsaac trained with a fourth-generation Acadian whose family had been basket-weaving since the late 1800s. “Basket-weaving is the oldest known arts around. There’s a lot of history with it and a lot of Canadian history associated with basket-weaving,” she said.


Jason Kenney vs. Basket weavers

  1. ‘“We need the welders. We need these guys who work with their hands.”’

    Well see Mr Kenney….they don’t need you.

  2. Can you actually get a master’s degree in basket weaving?

  3. We need these guys who work with their hands.

    What are the basket weavers using to weave their baskets if not their hands???

    On another question, does anyone know if there’s an educational institution anywhere in the world where you can actually get a Master’s degree in basket weaving???

  4. Just the usual sneering at craftspeople and academics…..you know, artists and eggheads.

    Only welders and electricians and such are ‘hard-working real Canadians’….or wanted immigrants…..except they’re not available.

    • I suspect Kenney doesn’t want journeyman welders who would have to be paid a fair wage in Canada…he wants low-wage indentured servants foreign workers who happen to weld.

      • I figure he sees ‘workers’ as snap-in parts….put them anywhere, pay them little, and they’ll work.

        What the hell would a welder in Germany with 20 years experience want to come to Canada for?

  5. And, what’s more … we want them cheap !!! Cheap I say !!!

  6. Kenney studied Philosophy but dropped out before he even completed an undergraduate degree. If I were him I wouldn’t be so smug about other people’s education.