Jean Chretien wakeboarding -

Jean Chretien wakeboarding

The former prime minister seems to be enjoying retirement


Twenty years after the water-skiing photo, Jean Chretien shows off again. Which at least allows us, for at least 80 seconds, to look at something that is not (yet?) related to a political scandal of some kind.


Jean Chretien wakeboarding

  1. Super! No retirement-rocking chair for him!

    Way to go, Jean!

  2. They must have cropped out Stockwell Day, a few feet further behind, doing jumps off the boat’s wake on his jet ski. Disappointing.

  3. Rock on, Jean Chretien! What a terrific retirement you are having.

  4. Not sure why this is relevant to anything, but ‘good on him’ for staying active! Maybe he should be a representative to reprise those old Canadian fitness ads I remember growing up with.

  5. And yet not a single word at Macleans about Justin Trudeau’s latest anti-Western Canada tirade. I guess the fact that the guy who would be Canada’s PM views Western Canada as second class citizens to those oh-so-enlightened Quebecers isn’t as “newsworthy” as a former PM wake boarding? The “media” in this country are really becoming a joke.

    • It’s on here….under Hot Topics…which no one ….even Cons…..are bothering with, as Quebec and other leaders have said that many times. It’s not news.

    • I found Trudeau’s comments to be interesting. He is after all stating facts – QC has 24 seats in the Senate. And that is not a disadvantage to QC. But what advantage does one have with these eunuch, unelected senators versus the advantage Harper wishes to give QC and ON with the legitimacy of elected Senators?

      I am with you. The media should talk more about Harper’s plan.