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Jim Flaherty set to announce budget date

Watch for a mid-day announcement at the Department of Finance’s offices in Ottawa


Rumours abound in Ottawa today that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will set a date to table Budget 2013. Apparently, he’ll make the announcement when he meets with students from CIVIX, an organization that strives to “grow young Canadians into engaged, committed and active citizens.” Flaherty’s meeting with CIVIX takes place at noon in the East Tower lobby of L’Esplanade Laurier, where the Department of Finance’s offices are located.

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Jim Flaherty set to announce budget date

  1. Yeah, let’s continue to lock up hundreds of millions — possibly reaching billions — of dollars in corporate tax accounts. Flaherty is a major reason why Ontario is where it is today…and he’s on the same route with the whole country. People have the misconception that Conservatives are “good with money”. Guess what…they’re not.

  2. Everything in Canukistan is controlled by the CPC, the Central Planning Committee, who report directly to Comrade Harper. Long live Our Great and Glorious Leader. Death to our enemies.

  3. Flaherty has almost finished his Ouji board session with Canada’s finances. So many sound bites…”Flaherty is concerned about…””Flaherty is worried about”… What a bunch of BS. He expects to balance the budget by 2015? Give me a break, Steve and him unbalanced it in the first place.. He probably couldn’t even balance a pillow on his head.
    These buffoons will be gone in the next election..